York Mystery Plays

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2022 Wagon Plays

On 19 and 26 June 2022 the Guilds of York performed eight plays on wagons, in four York locations. There were also two adapted performances in the Shambles Market, with the addition of Lucifer. The archive is grateful for these photographs, most from John Saunders. More images on Jpegs are welcome, see the contact us page.
God creates the world
 If you wish to see the cast of each play, go to this page in the archive. PAGE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Creation of the World by God, with choir and devils, outside St William's College. (York Guild of Building)


Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve, with the Devil and snake left. (York Gild of Freemen)

God instructs Noah to build the Ark
God arrives to instruct Noah to build the Ark, left. The animals are brought aboard - the shields - and Noah wears his waterproof. But Mrs Noah is reluctant, right.  Land is found and God sends the rainbow, below left. (York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust)
Mrs Noah besides the Ark
land found-rainbow 
Herod and three kings 
 Herod is seated left, the three Kings formally visit him, with his attendants. The Kings' servants are on the right.  When the Kings find their way to Bethlehem, they give baby Jesus and his parents gifts, right. (St Luke's Church)
 Bethlehem and gifts
Jesus with his disciples at the Last Supper, but with Satan taking an interest, right.  (The Lords of Misrule)
 Last supper
 Judas is going to betray Jesus, he tells the audience in the Shambles
 Judas shouts
The Crucifixion is a solemn moment.  Below, soldiers are hauling on ropes to lever up the cross; Jesus is on it. (In the Shambles Market)
hauling the cross

Mary Magdalene is looking for Jesus' body and meets the gardener, who is the risen Christ.Mary Magdalene in garden

Christ assailed by souls 
 Christ with desperate souls at the Last Judgement, outside York Mansion House
 Satan has arrived to swallow up bad souls - in the King's Manor