York Mystery Plays

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York Civic Trust

Promoting heritage, shaping tomorrow.  (The blue plaque at the foot of this page is by York Civic Trust)

Guilds of York

The Guilds of York have presented the York Mystery Plays on wagons in the streets of the city in several four-yearly cycles, the latest September 2018. 

City of York Council

The City Archive (held in York Explore, Library Square) includes Mystery Play material, such as this painting, below left, by Eileen White. Her painting featured in the exhibition including the Mystery Plays described in this page.Creation painted by Eileen White

York Theatre Royal

The Theatre was the venue for the Mystery Plays in 1992 and 1996. In 2012 they produced the Plays in Museum Gardens.

Heritage Lottery Fund

The original funder of this website.

York Minster

Interior below right. Setting of the Millennium production and the 2016 production.

York Minster drawn in 1999

BBC Radio York

The York Waits

Performers of Early Music in York, pictured here.

York Waits at Minster

The National Centre for Early Music

Home of the Mystery Play Archive, of Early Music Festivals and of all sorts of music.

York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust

A membership group of enthusiasts and actors which supports productions of the Plays in York.  In December 2019 the group produced A Nativity for York from the 8 traditional scripts.  There are plans for a 2021 Passion play.

The Taborers' Society

Acoustic Research site funded by the British Academy

Visit York   The site for York tourism. If you want some images of the city, search 'York streets' in the archive

Yorkshire Museum

Run by York Museums Trust. Originally opened in 1830 by the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, which until 1961 owned the Museum Gardens and St Mary's Abbey and allowed the Plays' performance.

York Archaeological Trust

YAT runs Jorvik Viking Centre, Barley Hall, DIG, Micklegate Bar Museum (Henry VII) and Monk Bar Museum (Richard III) in York. Friends of YAT have free entry to all five attractions. Among YAT publications is Nicola Rogers' Medieval Craft and Mystery 2012, about the Guilds of York and their medieval performances of the Plays.

York Settlement Community Players

1963 Wagon Play programme

Set up in 1922, this still-thriving York group gave Judi Dench her first taste of Mystery Play acting.

Yorkshire Film Archive

The Film Archive has many films about York, and about the Mystery Plays and other drama.  For instance, an 80 minute film made by Patrick Olsen about the 1973 Mystery Plays: Film ID 2041.

Yorkshire Architectural and York Archaeological Society   

Founded in 1842 to explore civic and ecclesiastical history.  Their 2017 York Historian has a major article about York Mystery Plays.

York Guides plaque

Association of Voluntary Guides to York

This group of expert guides to the city began in York the same year as the modern Mystery Plays were revived. 

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