York Mystery Plays

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Mystery Plays 2012 in Photos

Some of our photographs from August 2012 production in the ruins of St Mary's Abbey, Museum Gardens, seen by some 32,000 people: 
Full Cast pose

The cast at the dress rehearsal.  At the back are the angels in heaven.  In the foreground are God, left (Ferdinand Kingsley) and Satan, right (Graeme Hawley.)


God (Ferdinand Kingsley) is beginning to design and create the world.


Having designed angels, he meets Lucifer (Graeme Hawley).

lucifer and his demons

Lucifer is bearing light, surrounded by his own angels. After the Fall, he becomes Satan.

God watches creaton

God watches as His created world appears, brought by 'garden angels'

Eve and Adam biting apple

Young Adam and Eve have been deceived by Satan (formerly Lucifer) into biting the apple

Adult Adam & Eve expelled

Adult Adam and Eve are expelled by the angels from the garden of Eden 

Noah in Ark

Here is the Ark in preparation.   Noah and his family wear sou'westers against the rain

flood around Ark

The Ark bearing Noah's family and animals is surrounded by floodwater

Joseph questions Mary

Joseph questions Mary about who is the father of her unborn baby

Magi at the Nativity

The Magi have come to worship the newborn Christ

Young Christ in the Temple

Young Christ is in the temple, speaking to an amazed crowd

Healing the blind man

Jesus heals a blind man, to the watchers' amazement

Last supper

Jesus and the Apostles are taking the Last Supper

Jesus is betrayed by Judas

Christ knows Judas will betray him

Pilate examines Christ

Pilate examines Christ. His wife Dame Procula pleads for Jesus.

Jesus lifted on cross

In agony, Jesus is on the cross and being lifted into place

Satan in inferno

Satan is in Hell among souls who need redeeming

Last Judgement

God is judging the good and bad souls found in Hell.  On the left are Apostles.


The full cast at the finale

Here is the cast list.
Here is a trailer on YouTube by organisers of the 2012 production. 
As part of the celebration of York's famous 1212 charter from King John, the City Archivist in 2012 organised an exhibition of York's City Archive material, at the central library. The Mystery Plays featured in this display, using images from the City Archives, the National Centre for Early Music and the National Railway Museum. In the Yorkshire Museum's medieval gallery an exhibition included the manuscript of the Scriveners' Guild's Play and the medieval Pageant Accounts of the Mercers' Wagon Play, from the archive of the York Merchant Adventurers.