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Photographs : Photographs selected from album of 2000 production

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/17/10
Date/year: 2000
Description: The NCEM archivist was able to borrow and scan photos from the personal album of actor Linda Terry in the Millennium Production.  The archive in 2016 also received from actor John Roden his donated album of the 2000 production. He played Simeon that year.Costumes in the NCEM

Rehearsals and organisation took place in the National Centre for Early Music.  Here are costumes in the foyer, made by Pauline Chambers and team.

Dressing room, hairdresser
The dressing rooms were in tents outside the Minster.  Here Ray Stevenson (Jesus) has his hair arranged.

Prop room Five Sisters window

A properties room was established under the Five Sisters window in the North Transept of the Minster.  

Animals awaiting the Ark

Animals carried by cast members into Noah's Ark were an important part of the range of props.

Cast at rest
The Chapter House became the place where the cast had their break.

Frank Brogan

Frank Brogan played a Devil in the first scene, the Blind Man who is healed by Jesus, and the Third Knight in the Passion.

Ray Stevenson outside Minster

Ray Stevenson (Jesus) posed on the motorbike of Lee Maloney (the First Shepherd).  

Satan surrounded by fans
Satan (Rory Mulvihill) is Jesus'  foe.  Here Satan is surrounded by fans.   

Mary Magdalene and fans

Mary Magdalene is Jesus' adorer.  Here Sarah Jane Wolverson also has fans.

Kippa Matthews takes a photo

The leading professional photographer was Kippa Matthews.  Here (in blue with his back to the camera) he is caught taking a picture of Jesus carrying the Cross on way to the Crucifixion.

Angel at the Tomb

Hyla Campbell played the Angel at the Tomb, who reports that Jesus has risen and left the tomb.  He too waits in the Chapter House

Harold Mozley
Harold Mozley played the Good Soul in the Last Judgement, the man who is rescued from the grave and from Hell by Jesus.

Paul Toy

Paul Toy was the Assistant Director, played Malchus and wrote the History of the Mystery Plays for the programme.

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