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Photographs : Large Wagon Play photographs 1998

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/16/3
Date/year: 1998
Description: Collection of photographs relating to 1998 production of the Mystery plays. Several duplicate images.

1a-b. Characters from The Last Judgement (York Settlement Community Players) process down cobbled path.
2a-b. God (John Hall) sits in heaven at the Last Judgement.
3a-d. Six angels sing in the choir (York Minster Girls' Choir directed by Jo Wainwright who is not shown here)
4a-e. Mike Tyler and the Harrowing of Hell.
5a-b. A devil whose make-up has turned his beard pink (Harold Mozley)
6a-f. Taking down the set for the York Settlement Community Players.
7a-b. More scenes from the Last Judgement (including John Hall as God and John Gray as Jesus)
8a-b. More scenes from the Last Judgement. A soul in chains.
9a-b. Players from Howdenshire Live Arts in the Death of Christ

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