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Photographs : York Wagon Play photographs 1998

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/16/2
Date/year: 1998
Description: Photographs of the 1998 production on wagons. (There had been no Museum Garden static production since 1988)

1a-d. Howdenshire Live Arts process from York Market to St Samson's Square, carrying crosses by hand and on the wagon (including the leaders of the procession: Waggon Master Malcolm Smith, assistants from the company of Butchers: Richard Hudson, Edward Wright and Tony Wright)
2a-b. The death of Christ (played by Julian Rendall) and two thieves (Matthew Pickering and Chris May)
3. Christ (Julian Rendall)
4a-b. View of the audience seating in St Samson's Square
5a-b. Harrowing of Hell: St Luke's Church players. Angelic host prepare to sing (Jennifer Carter Shaw, Elaine Clough, Philip Cunningham, Liz Davies, Jim Harland, Muriel Harland, Pearlie Humphries, Pam Hutchingson, Natalie James, Sue McWhinney, Alison Morse, Hannah Morse, Wendy Scunthorp, Marjorie Sharp, Anne Stier, David Tichener, Elaine Titchener, Madge Turner.
6. View of audience (including Philip Lankester)

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