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Photographs : 1994 Wagon play photographs

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/14/2
Date/year: 1994
Description: Six colour photographs from the 1994 Mystery Plays production on wagons, stored as YMP/A/14/2:

1a and b. Play 1: The Building the Ark (The Shipwrights' Play, brought forth by the Centre for Medieval Studies) St Samson's Square
2a and b. Play 2: Noah and the Flood (The Mariners' Play, brought forth by the Lords of Misrule), Dean's Park
3a and 3b. Play 8: The Resurrection (The Carpenters' Play, brought forth by the Early Music Singers)
4a-h. Play 9: The Assumption of Mary (The Weavers' Play, brought forth by York Settlement Players) - seen here
5a and b. Play 6: Entry into Jerusalem (The Skynners' Play, brought forth by St Luke's Church Players) seen here 
6. Rear view of a wagon

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