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Slides : Colour Slides of 1994

Item type: Slides
Archive reference: YMP/H/5
Date/year: 1994
Description: Colour slides from 1994 Mystery Plays production:

1. View of Noah's Ark from the crowd, showing rainbow (below). The play 'Noah's Flood' was staged by the Lords of Misrule, including University staff and students. 
2. View of the raked seating as two cast members leave the stage
3. The Lords of Misrule in Noah's Ark 
4. The Lords of Misrule in Noah's Ark (identical to item 3)
5. Noah's family inside the Ark (including Katherine Lewis)
6. Players and their donkey
7. Carrying the Cross for Jesus
The NCEM has other slides from this year.
1994 King's Square

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