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The Massacre of the Innocents

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17/06/1963 Horse/drawn wagon processes from Duncombe Place to High Petergate.

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Photographs : 1963 and 2012 photos: Massacre of the Innocents

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/5/1
Date/year: 1963 and 2012
Description: Photographs from the Yorkshire Evening Press relating to the 1963 Mystery Plays production.  The performances were in Museum Gardens, with one scene additionally done on a wagon.
1. 14/06/1963 Soldiers with spears carry out the Massacre of the Holy Innocents, a baby is on the floor with her mother in anguish
2. 17/06/1963 Horse-drawn wagon processes from Duncombe Place to High Petergate. Caption: 'Spectators watch the arrival of the wagon carrying players of the pageant play Abraham and Isaac in Duncombe Place on Saturday.'
Here is a photo from 2012 of a mother mourning after her baby has been massacred by Herod's troups, taken by Daniel Cashden.  Other photos from 2012 are available here.
mourning mother 2012

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