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Photographs : Yorkshire Evening Press Photographs 1980

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/10/4
Date/year: 1980
Description: Yorkshire Evening Press Photographs of the 1980 York Mystery Plays production. Item 6 may belong to a different year.

1. 19/05/1980 Christopher Timothy as Christ cools himself with a can of Coke. Caption: 'This sort of thing never happened to a vet - but problems with a Biblical loincloth are now something which actor Christopher Timothy is having to take in his stride. . . with a little help from a friend. Mr Timothy, after his stint as vet James Herriot on television, now rehearsing the role of Christ for the York Mystery Plays, sampled the open air setting in St. Mary's Abbey ruins for the first time yesterday. At one point, however, a lady with a handy safety pin proved a useful person to know. The after another spell on the boards, with temperatures well into the 70s, it was time for a quick cooler with a drink.'
2. 01/05/1980 Kay de Little and the Wardrobe team. Caption: 'Seamstresses who help with the wardrobe for York Mystery Plays are back in business. These volunteers - some have worked behind the scenes for 30 years - were meeting to discuss costumes and modifications. They exchanged notes over a cup of tea with Mrs. Kay de Little (standing), who heads the team.'
3. Caption: 'Miss Kate Cramer, aged 17, of 19 Heworth Green, York, has an audition for the Mystery Plays. With her are Patrick Garland (centre) and the assistant director, David Green).
4. Caption: 'Model Setting for Plays. A model of the set of the Mystery Plays, centrepiece of next month's York Festival, is held by Mr. Barry Long, whose firm, Longwood Joiner, of Thorp Arch, is carrying out the work at St Mary's Abbey (background). The set, designed by Saul Radomsky - well known in London theatrical circles - is symmetrical with cross motifs on three raised areas. Made basically of natural wood, there will be some metal grilles illuminated from below to give added effect. Considerable use will be made of the existing windows in the Abbey ruins. Production manager of the plays, Mr John Bayliss, said the aim was to combine a stark set with colourful splashes - for example, children will wave silk banners up to 28 ft. in length to represent Heaven, earth, fishes, animals, the sun and moon, and so on during the creation scene. Another idea is to ensure that the vast stage is heavily populated for most of the time, with [events?] taking place among the [crow]ds.'
5. Jesus (Christopher Timothy) with arms raised
[6. Seating scaffold under construction. Caption: 'The picture above of the scaffolding being erected for the seating at the Mystery Plays during the York Festival was taken in the Museum Gardens to-day.']

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