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Herod. Caption "Herod (Michael Wilson) is borne away by his attendants - a scene from York Mystery Plays"

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Two characters on the main steps surrounded by crowds.

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Photographs : 1969 photo, Herod in Litter

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/7/1
Date/year: 1969
Description: 1969 photo by York Evening Press of Herod being borne in a litter.   He is in a grand costume but in shade under the roof of the litter carried by attendants. 
Here are two other photos from that same production:  Below, some of Herod's soldiers, led by their Centurion )John Ramsden) ( a photo taken in rehearsal); and below that, Eve ((Anne-Marie Hewitt) tempts Adam (Paul Lally).
1969 Soldiers

Eve tempting Adam 1969

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