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Photographs : 1973 Photographs

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/8
Date/year: 1973
Description: This is a general term relating to photographs about the 1973 Mystery Plays production.  
For some from the Press, see YMP/A/8/1 at this archive entry.
In 1973 Patrick Olsen produced a film about the production of the Mystery Plays, both behind and before the stage. There is an entry in the archive with excellent colour photographs of 1973 by Patrick Olsen.  A copy of his film is held at the Yorkshire Film Archive, and here is a link to the description of it.  YFA Film ID 2041
In 1973 a play of Noah's Ark was also performed "on the river" and a wagon play of  Herod and the Three Kings.
The programme notes for 1973 say that this is a new adaptation by Howard Davies - whereas scripts up too and including 1969 were based on Canon Purvis' text.
Below is a photograph published in 2021, marking the death of local actor Jim Hammond.  Below that is a photograph of the Herod and Three Kings wagon.
Noah 1973
Jerusalem 1973

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