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Postcards : 1909 Pageant Cast List part 2

Item type: Postcards
Archive reference: YMP/L/2/4
Date/year: 1909
The booklet published by the Yorkshire Herald contains other names of people involved in the 1909 pageant.


York - Mrs Almyra Gray, Gray's Court
New York - Mrs R Forbes-Pollexfen of Virginia, guest of Mr and Mrs E Gray of Gray's Court
Other Yorks - Misses Irene Kerr, 2 Driffield Terrace, Vera Shann, Micklegate Hill, Rosetta Shann, Micklegate Hall [sic], D L Walker, 4 Grosvenor Terrace, Olga Lindberg, Clifton, Page - Master C F W S Spurrell, St Mary's, Bentley, Fulford Grange, Hudson, Newton House, Heworth, C Dodsworth, St Peter's Grove, Mackay, Hob Moor, Hewetson and D Hewetson, Boston Spa, Swanson and N Swanson, The Pleasaunce, Heworth, M Guy, The Vicarage, Fulford, Atkinson, Fulford Lodge, V Argles, St Clement's Rectory, Barbara Waddington, Clifton Lawn.
Standard Bearer for Eternal Lamp - Mr Joseph Smith, Police Stationsome 1909 actors
Crowd of men - Messrs H Welby, 18 Abbey Street, F Wright, 22 Burton Terrace, F Wrigglesworth, 15 Prospect Gardens, H Woolford, Fulford Road, F Yates, 14 Eldon Terrace, J E Simpson, 72 Rose Street, J Wheatley, 3 Dennison Street, W E Harringlow, 75 Lord Mayor's Walk, E W Wright, 153 Lowther Street, E Beavis, 33 Willis Street, E Sollitt, 6 King's Square
Crowd of Women - Misses L Apedale, 10 Railway Terrace,  M Anderson, Tanner Row, M Addyman, A E Andrew, 1 Wood's Court, Gillygate, I M Armstrong, 36 Penley Grove Street, L Appleton, 6 Bootham Row, J Burchell, 35 Willow Street, Bickerdike, 3 Jubilee Terrace, G Bell, 19 Shipton Street, A Brown, 20 Little Stonegate, B Scott, 9 Grape Lane, L Baker, 15 North Eastern Crescent, H M Burnett, 13 Mount Parade, M Buckley, 1 Garfield Terrace, L Buckley, 62 Rose Street, E C Bakes, 76 Newborough Street, N Bays, 11 Surtees Street, F Burfield, 4 Garden Terrace, A Brown, 25 Dundas Street, E Coates, 8 Colenso Street, F Clarkson, 1 Prospect Terrace, M Corner, 25 Navigation Road, M Horner, 22 Rose Street, I Copley, 29 Hartoft Street, F Cooper, 33 Ratcliffe Street, V A Coates, 6 Hallfield Road, J Dosser, 7 Wood Street, Heworth, A Delaney, 10 Leicester Street, M Doughty, 14 Thomas Street, F Ellis, 1 Pickering Terrace, L Fairburn, 34 Bootham Row, L Fletcher, 23 Cherry Street, L Farrand, 51 Ambrose Street, D Gunnell, 19 Brook Street, E Grimes, 39 Diamond Street, A Coult, 11 Yearsley Crescent, M Hall, 27 Garfield Terrace, M Hawksby, 13 Ashville Street, E Holborn, 18 Victoria Street.
Boys - Masters J W Appleton, 3 Lime Street, B Ellis, 25 Falsgrave Crescent, W Broadley, 9 Frederick Street, G S Iddison, Burton Lane, H Kennett, Burton Lane, A Westland, 17 Charlton Street, G Ogle, 15 De Grey Street, H Woodburn, 8 Compton Street, G Woodburn, Compton Street, Eric Young, Marygate.
Girls (from Messrs Rowntree's) - Misses E Homes, Garnet Street, A Hunsley, 20 North View, L Hill, 17 Carnot Street, R Hoggard, 4 Victoria Street, M Holgate, 60 Hart's Terrace, E Harwood, 5 Newborough Street, E Holt, 7 Orchard Street, N Johnson, 25 Townend Street, F Jefferson, 5 Shipton Street, E Jefferson, 13 Price Street, Y Kilby, Fossgate, E Kirby, 27 Bilton Street, V Lowley, 44 Newborough Street, L Lavan, 31 Gladstone Street, E Little, 61 Redeness Street, L Myers, 17 Fenwick Street, B Middleton, 59 Roseberry Street, A Mitchell, Garden Street, Mrs Thackray, 3 Spencer Street, Misses V McRorie, 7 Aldwark, E Armstong, 6 Murray Street, Miss Lumley, 21 Nelson Street, Misses N McDermott, 30 Nicholas Street, E Naylor, 56 Lower Ebor Street,  G Noble, 17 Fountayne Street, F Orrey, 33 Bright Street, F Bardy, Navigation Road, M Pedley, 57 Rose Street, A Pollard, 8 Vyner Street, E Rymer, 24 Neville Street, O Richardson, 16 Garfield Terrace, J Ralton, 3 Pickering Terrace, L Storr, 22 Cambridge Street, C Simpson, 72 Rose Street, H Sambrook, 27 Walpole Street, L Sheppard, 34 Francis Street, F Sidgwick, 21 Bright Street, K Scott, 27 Carnot Street, N Todd, Swann Street, E Todd, 10 Markham Crescent, G Try, Hull Road, A Thurlow, 51 Wellington Street, L Tate, 5 Warwick Street, Miss Turnbull, 18 Garth Terrace.

Flower Girls - Misses L Taylor, 9 Garth Terrace, E Tindall, 25 Willis Street, N Woods, 3 Garden Terrace, Miss Wortley, 3 Cecilia Place, E Wilson, 1 Scarcroft View, N Wigley, 18 Townend Street, Miss Walker, 47 Walmgate, E West, 7 Lower Dundas Street, M Wilcock, 4 Barlow Street, E Whitehead, 1 Brunswick Terrace, M Walton, Price Street, E Worley, 53 Ratcliffe Street, F Ward, 58 Lower Ebor Street, M Wood, 71 Cromer Street, S Wilford, South Bank, E Watson, 44 Union Terrace, N Waite, 8 Charlton Street, E Ward, 45 Lowther Street, N Whitwell, 7 Stonegate, M Young, 119 Monkton Terrace, N Rothwell, 25 Whitby Terrace, N Vause, Walmgate, Miss McTurk, 5 Frederick Street, A Walsh, 13 St Maurice's Road, M Copley, 29 Hartoft Street, K Bulmer, 9 Eldon Street, C Smith and S Smith, 14 Bootham Row, F Wilson, 45 St Andrewgate, I Tate, 7 Lime Street, E Armstrong, 6 Murray Street, E O'Donnell, Miss Kennedy, Grove View, M Linderman, Strensall, E Lobley, 72 Lowther Street, A Nicholson, 27 De Grey Street, A Pickering, De Grey Street, D Preston, 57 Clarence Street, N Robinson, 40 Havelock Terrace, M Rose, 31 Caroline Street, L Smurthwaite, 21 De Grey Street, M Simpson, 6 Lower Shaw's Terrace, J Smith, 42 Lowther Street, M Storey, Drake Street.

Ladies in Waiting - Mrs Walton, 20 Pavement, Miss A Austin, Huntington Hall, Misses D and M Race, Skelton Grange, Miss Swanson, St Mary's, Miss J Ethell, 22 Holgate Road, Miss E Barry, 5 The Avenue, Miss Purey-Cust, The Deanery, Mrs Oliver, 12 Clifton Dale, Miss L Campbell, Markham Street, Miss F Umpleby, 214 Burton Lane.
The following is a list of the members of the Narrative and Dramatic Choruses, whose splendid vocalisation has gained for them such unstinted praise:
Narrative Chorus
Choragus I - Mr Dennis Drew, London
Choragus II - Mr Edmund Bean, A R C M, York

Messrs F W Adamson, Neville House, Haxby Road, A R Birch, 45 Nunthorpe Road, G Bradley, Naburn, J Barnes, Marygate Lane, C Bradley, 51 Baker Street, H Bryan, 13 Murray Street, F Briggs, 12 Markham Crescent, G Blenkinsop, 29 Fairfax Street, W S Blackburn, 35 Garth Terrace, W Buckle, 47 Cemetery Road, Charles and W H Bean, 6 Chapter House Street, C F Baker, 27 Neville Terrace, W Benton, 24 Buckingham Street, U J Blades, 13 East Mount Road, T Connell, 19 Walter Street, F Carr, Haxby, E P Cummins, 2 Dewsbury Terrace, J Cowling, 22 Park Grove, J C Dawes, 51 Millfield Road, E Dawson, 35 Lindley Street, F Dent, 21 Heslington Road, H Denham, 24 Linton Street, E W Dudding, 13 Wentworth Road, W Dalton, New Street, A W Dwyer, 1 Cheltenham Terrace, G A Duffy, 65 Farndale Street, Mahlon Firth, 22 Goodramgate, A Fearne, 76 Russell Street, S Fearne, 8 Wellington Street, A Fryer, 49 Bishopthorpe Road, T Finigan, 6 Second Avenue, R Glass, Coney Street, J H Gray, 9 Eastern Terrace, Grant, 20 Grosvenor Terrace, A C E Hawkin, 10 Melbourne Street, J W Heaton, 12 Park Grove, T Hodgson, 6 North View, F Holmes, 18 Filey Terrace, A H Horner, Fulford, A Hudson, 117 Lowther Street, R Hodgson, Nicholas Street, G Horner, 45 Hambleton Terrace, A Jonas, 4 Vine Street, T Jefferson, Buckingham Street, W H Johnson, 169 Bishopthorpe Road, E Kirton, 33 Markham Street, J W Kaye, Mount Vale, T Lane, 8 Telford Terrace, T Lewis, 67 Park Grove, J H Leng, 6 Wenlock Terrace, A E Little, 61 Redenesse Street, O Mansfield, 32 Monkgate, F Morley, 3 Earlsborough Terrace, T Musgrave, 59 Murray Street, P Mitchell, 26 Moss Street, W Mawson, 147 Bishopthorpe Road, E Mawson, 14 James Terrace, E J McHugh, Rawcliffe Lodge, F Neden, 16 Haxby Road, F W Newsham, 16 Sycamore Terrace, A W Outhwaite, Market Street, H Oxtoby, Fishergate, E Oxberry, 27 Melbourne Street, J Parkin, 14 Lindley Street, E Peacock, 25 Melbourne Street, J W Pearson, 44 Haxby Road, G W Potter, 20 Priory Street, G Rickaby, 9 Acomb Road, Ridsdale, Health Office, A T Rutherford, Copmanthorpe, H Smith, 4 Wilson's Terrace, J Steel, Nun Mill Street, H W Swan and E Swan, 4 Millfield Road, G Smithers, 163 Prince of Wales Terrace, F Saxby, 29 Markham Crescent, T Taylor, 56 Lindley Street, Thomlinson, 2 Beaconsfield Street, Thurgood, Heworth, J Weavers, Heslington Road, H S Wilkinson, 11 Wentworth Road, Wright, Nicholas Street, W S White, 34 Sycamore Terrace.

Dramatic Chorus  - Miss H and Miss Argles, St Clement's Rectory, Miss J Ankers, St Giles, Claremont Terrace, Miss Anderton, 26 Bishopthorpe Road, Mr T Baker, 1 North View, Fountayne Street, Mr T Benson, 157 Lowther Street, Miss A Batty, 3 Croft's Terrace, Wigginton Road, Miss A S Bean, 11 Gillygate, Mr and Mrs W C Birks, Holgate Villas, Mr E G Brown, 21 Avenue Terrace. Mrs Brighting, 14 Feversham Crescent, Miss Bryson, 4 Tower Street, Miss Burleigh, 45 The Mount, Miss A Bramley, 52 Lindley Street, Miss Ruth Butler, 2 Sandringham Street, Miss C Batty, Walmgate Bar, Miss Bennett, 15 Richardson Street, Miss Blain, Ullswater Villa, Eldon Street, Mr and Mrs Britton, 59 Nun Mill Street, Mr G A Brown, Station House, Earswick, Mr F Briggs, 12 Markham Crescent, Mr W Birdsall, Rufforth, Mr Botterill, 188 Bishopthorpe Road, Miss Bland, Mount Ephraim, Miss B Buckle, 4 Hambleton Terrace, Mrs Bell, Brianville, Carr Lane, Acomb, Mrs H J Brown, 33 Holgate Road, Mr Barwick, Sycamore Terrace, Miss Buckle, 35 Nun Mill Street, Scarcroft Road, Mr Boves, 2 Milner Street, Acomb, Miss Chambers, 7 Price Street, Mrs Chapman, Post Office, Blossom Street, Miss F Cooper, 27 Claremont Terrace, Miss B Carr, 10 Second Avenue, Miss Child, 31 Bewlay Street, Miss J Clayton, 74 Bishopthorpe road, Miss Charlesworth, 70 Gillygate, Miss M Court, 138 Burton Lane, Miss G A Calvert, 81 Clarence Street, Miss Codling, Holgate Villas, Miss G Coltanes, Grove View, Clifton, Miss N Claxton, 16 White Cross road, Mr Cotsworth and Miss Lena Cotsworth, Clova, Acomb, Miss Caffrey, Portland Street, Miss M Caltley, 28 Richardson Street, Miss Elsie Cooper, 48 Brownlow Street, Miss Carr, 5 Neville Terrace, Misses E and L Combie, 24 Darnborough Street, Mr T J Cooper, Cromwell Cottage, Burton Lane, Mr H Calvert, St Clement's School, Misses Cracknell, 6 Kyme Street, Mr H Crawhurst, 19 St Saviourgate, Mr J Cosgrove, 3 St Martin's Crescent, Miss V Dawe, 83 Heslington Road, Miss J Douthelt, The Poplars, Howard Street, Miss D Lawson, Lion House, Holgate, Mrs Dudding, 13 Wentworth Road, Miss C Dacre, 14 Park Street, Miss G Dobson, Mavis Bank, Scarcroft Road, Miss A C Dunsford, Sycamore Terrace, Mrs H C Dods, Holly Dene, Heworth, Miss H Deuchar, 13 Neville Terrace, Miss N Dixon, 142 Burton Lane, Miss A Denison, Melbourne Street, Miss D Dawe, 83 Heslington Road, Mr T Dudley, 29 Grosvenor Terrace, Mr C W Daniel, 64 Huntington Road, Mr S Docking, 13 Holgate Road, Mr H Docking, 3 Holgate Road, Mr R A Darling, 6 Neville Terrace, Mr W H Day, 10 Earlsborough Terrace, Mr Dallmeyer, Holgate, Mr R H Dunwell, 72 Clarence Street, Mr Dunkley, 58 Garnet Terrace, Mr Dickinson, Bootham Bar, Mr W H Dawson, Fishergate Post Office, Miss E Evans, 14 Mount Parade, Miss E Elliott, Oak Dene, Acomb, Miss M Edmunds, 11 Clifton Dale, Mr W R Exley, N R A [sic: North Riding Asylum?], Clifton, Mr F Elam, 62 Scott Street, Miss G Fryer, Dene Holme, Acomb, Mrs Fryer, 49 Bishopthorpe Road, Miss A Farrer, 7 Union Terrace, Mr E F Fleet, 19 Markham Crescent, Miss Farrow, 50 Monkgate, Miss Fisher, 29 Park Crescent, Rev N F E Foord, 17 Nunthorpe Avenue, Mr J T Gray, Alcuin House, The Mount, Miss Gardner, 3 Margaret Street, Miss Gibson, West View House, Haxby Road, Miss Garlick, 15 St Saviourgate, Miss J and Miss M Garland, 2 Lansdown Villas, Hull Road, Mrs Guy, 7 Park Grove, Mr R Glass, 52 Coney Street, Mr Gunnee and Miss Gunnee, 92 Bootham, Mrs Galpine, Sunnyside, Burton Lane, Mr G H Gray, 9 Eastern Terrace, Heworth, Mr R Grant, 20 Grosvenor Terrace, Miss Hewson, 51 Lawrence Street, Miss M Hodgson, Paradigm Grove, Heworth, Miss A Hopkins, 30 Heworth Green, Miss N Hughes, 42 Hambledon Terrace, Miss N Henderson, 28 Grosvenor Terrace, Mr Hudson and Miss Hudson, Everleigh, Heworth, Miss N L Holmes, Lynton House, Garth Terrace, Miss G Hutchinson, Slingsby House, Wentworth Road, Miss D Hey, Park Street, Miss Hussett, 6 Heslington Road, Miss E Hopkins, 48 Bishopthorpe Road, Miss D A Hardy, Lyndhurst, Fulford Road, Miss Howard, Abbey View, Marygate, Mr Watson Hirst, Bishopthorpe Road, Mr E C Hill, 60 Micklegate, Mr G Hughes, 42 Hambledon Terrace, Mr R A Hudson, 17 Cemetery Road, Mr E H Hodgkinson, The Lodge, Strensall, Mr R Hopkins, 48 Bishopthorpe Road, Miss Hicks, 4 Sycamore Terrace, Mr G Hudson, 27 Union Terrace, Miss E M Hirst, 59 Bishopthorpe Road, Mr A Harrison, 47 Fairfax Street, Mr Holmes, 4 Grove Square, Watson Street, Holgate, Mr Ingham, 52 Haxby Road, Miss C Jarvis, 159 Lowther Street,, Mrs G Jackson, 2 Wentworth Road, Mr F Johnson, 4 North Parade, Miss W Jackson, 50 Vyner Street, Miss Dacre Jackson, Milnthorpe, Clifton Dale, Miss Knight, 26 Gillygate, Mr W H Kendall, 83 Bishopthorpe Road, Miss F S Lidgett, 3 Avenue Terrace, Miss Lacamp, St Louis, Scarcroft Hill, Mr T Lumley, 55 Huntington Road, Mrs Lyon, North Lea, Acomb, Mr Lamacroft, 200 Burton Lane, Mr, Mrs, Miss and Miss E Makins, 15 Bootham Terrace,, Miss M Milner, 28 The Mount, Miss McIntosh, North Riding Asylum, Miss Morrellee, 1 St Paul's Terrace, Miss Martin, 23 Lower Eldon Street, Miss Miller, 15 Groves Lane, Mr T T Martin, Lawrence Street, Mr A McCall, 58 Haxby road, Mr J W Metcalfe, 3 Rosedale Terrace, Fishergate, Mr J W Masterman, 13 Park Crescent, Mr A G Monaghan, Compton House, Haxby Road, Mr E Morgan, 11 Feversham Crescent, Miss M Newbald, Scarcroft House, Scarcroft Road, Miss M Normoyle, 6 Victoria Terrace, Heslington Road, Mr A B Norwood, King's Manor House, Miss D Olden, 11 Heworth Green, Mrs Bedford Pierce, The Retreat, Miss E M Penty, 16 Moorland Road, Fulford, Mrs Plows, 32 Lord Mayor's Walk, Miss Porteous, 159 Haxby Road, Miss J S Pollock, 6 Tower street, Miss H Penty, 51 Coney Street, Miss E Pool, 9 Victor street, Bishophill, Mrs Prince, 7 Harcourt street, Heworth, Mrs Powell, 212 Bishopthorpe Road, Mrs L Probert, 1 Main Avenue, Miss Purvis, 7 Castlegate, Miss F E Page, 31 Pavement, Mr J W Pearson, 44 Haxby Road, Mr A Peters, The Avenue, Mr F Penty, Rose Cottage, Fulford, Mr J Pybus, Laburnam House, Heworth, Mrs Gilbert Packer, 81 Cromer Street, Mrs Peacock, 25 Melbourne Street, Mr E D Preston, Beckett's Bank, Mr W Penny, Grange Lane Acomb, Mr H Parkinson, 11 Mill Lane, Heworth, Miss E Rymer, West Lea, South Bank Road, Mrs F W Rose, 6 Gillygate, Miss J Rayson, 19 Bewlay Street, Miss H Richardson, 2 St John's Crescent, Miss Rawling, 46 Grosvenor Terrace, Miss G Rickell, 23 Priory Street, Miss M Robinson, 7 Minster Yard, Mr B S Richardson, 41 Millfield Road, Mr A Rumfitt, York City and County Bank, Mr W D Rayson, 19 Bewlay Street, Mrs C Rickaby, care of Mrs Slater, [sic] 39 Markham Street, Mr Rogers, 86 Micklegate, Mr R S Rose, 15 Bootham Terrace, Mr H Robinson, 177 Bishopthorpe, Miss A Smith, 5 Wilton Street, Miss G M Smith, 5 St Oswald's Terrace, Miss L Smith, 6 Feversham Terrace, Miss B Schofield, Leith House, Penley Grove Street, Miss Stephenson, 17 Portland street, Miss G E Scaife, 129 Haxby Road, Miss M A Suffield, East View House, Fulford, Mrs Schwabe, 8 Bootham Crescent, Miss F H Swanson, 4 Millfield Road, Miss K Savage, 23 Marygate, Miss Symmons, Feversham Terrace, Miss C Savage, 23 Marygate, Miss E A Shaw, 27 Heworth Green, Miss C E Starkey, and Miss L Starkey, 12 Earlsborough Terrace, Mr P Saville, 4 Goodramgate, Mr C E Sanderson, 51 Vyner Street, Mr F W Scaife, 60 Clarence street, Miss A Smith, 26 Acomb Road, Miss Scholey, 47 Monkgate, Miss Sowerly, 9 Ogleforth, Dr E M Smith, Grosvenor Terrace, Miss Smith, Feversham Terrace. Mr R A Slack, 43 East Parade, Heworth, Mr S Smithson, 48 Holgate Road, G Secker, 21 Siward Street, Hull Road, Miss Shouksmith, 13 Newton Terrace, Mr Salkield, Heworth, Miss B Theakstone, 6 Cromer Street, Miss G Tuke, 14 Coney Street, Mrs P Tuke, Elm Villa, Whitby Avenue, Stockton Lane, Miss H Talbot, Seafield House, Fishergate, Mr W Thurgood, 19 First Avenue, Heworth, Mr W Taylor, 14 Monkgate, Miss E Tomes, 36 Grosvenor Terrace, Mr W Thurston, 51 Wellington Street, Mr F Varley, Miss Varley and Miss E Varley, 39 Avenue Terrace, Miss L Ward, Eden Dene, Newton Terrace, Miss E C White, 66 Huntington Road, Miss M E Walker, 48 Victor Street, Mrs Watson, 3 Bootham Crescent, Mrs Whardall, 26 Gillygate, Miss B C Wolstenholme, 36 St Paul's Square, Mrs Wightman, 1 East Mount Road, Miss L Wright, The Poplars, Acomb, Miss P White, 50 Huntington Road, Miss M Walstre, 21 Monkgate, Miss M A Wells, 16 Bewlay Street, Miss B Wheatley, 29 Vyner Street, Miss Wyatt, St Olave's House, Marygate, Miss L E Wood, 30 Haxby Road, Mrs E H Walker, 76 Bootham Terrace, Miss A M Wood, 11 Nunthorpe Road, Miss R E Wheeler, Fulford Field House, Miss Woolford, Light Horseman Hotel, Fishergate, Miss Wrigglesworth, 4 Farndale Street, Mr H Weaver, 9 Heslington Road, Mr J H Walker, 17 New Walk Terrace, Mrs W C Wright, 15 Abbey Street, Mr T White, 17 Shipton Street, Mr Wood, 4 Lindley Street, Holgate, Mr J H Wright, First Avenue, Heworth, Mr W E Whitby, 71 East Parade, Heworth, Mr W Wilkinson, 209 Burton Lane, Miss Young, St Saviour's Rectory.

Heralds - Messrs A Howe, 22 Willis Street, W Vasey, 4 Railway Terrace, G H Foote, 26 Neville Terrace, T Sellers, Hillsborough Street

Roman Trumpeters - Messrs H Buckle, 4 Hambleton Terrace, F King, 9 Groves Lane, A Lickley Senr, 199 Burton Lane,  - Marsh, Amber Street, A Howe, 22 Willis Street, W Vasey, 4 Railway Terrace, G H Foote, 26 Neville Terrace, T Sellers, Hillsborough Street

Minster Choristers who sang the solo part in the Triumph Song of York -
Masters H P Hodgson, W Wells, J Bilton, E Mennell, R Fletcher, E Saunders, D Heaton, C Buckland, H Spencer, C Smith, C Connell, N Hodgson, L Lewis, R Maynard, F Plummer, S Peel, F Shepherd, J Waterworth, J Atkinson and J Green. - G Arthur Scaife, Headmaster.

Orchestra conducted by Mr T Tertius Noble
1st Violins - Mr Percy Sharman, Miss Knocker, Mr Cowper, Miss M Groves, Miss Page, Mr Radcliffe, Miss Jalland, Miss Inglis, Mr Merton, Mr Raynor Gray, Miss Woodhouse, Mr Marshall, Mrs Cranswick, Miss Waddington
2nd Violins - Mr Hindenbert, Miss L Willoughby, Mr Boynes, Miss Backhouse, Miss Faulkner, Miss Giles, Miss Guy, Miss Ibbetson, Miss Coverdale, Mr Greenwood, Miss Botterill, Miss Schroeder, Miss Brown
Violas - Mr Horwood, Mr Moxon, Miss K Groves, Miss E Groves, Miss Lonsdale, Rev H A K Hawkins, Mrs Kirk, Mr K E T Wilkinson, Miss Proctor, Mr Muskett
Violoncellos - Mr O'Donnell, Mr Groves, Miss A Groves, Mr Drake, Miss Page, Mr Bartley, Miss Alderson-Smith, Miss Cooper, Dr Buck, Miss Evans
Double Basses - Mr Nenwirth, Mr Shepherd, Mr Bartley, Mrs Wilcock, Mr Horodin, Mr Birkill, Mr Cundall, Mrs Coning
Piccolo - Mr Acres
Flutes - Mr Lupton Whitelock, Mr Lindgard
Oboes - Mr Fitzgerald, Mr Goldie
Clarinets - Mr Hardcastle, Mr Hey
Bassoons - Mr Hall, Miss Munby
Double Bassoon - Mr Cunnington
Horns - Mr Watson, Mr Evitt, Mr Swaine
Trumpets - Mr Pearce, Mr Wilcock, Mr Todd, Mr Holden
Trombones - Mr Buckle, Mr Hardacre, Mr Hunt
Tuba - Mr Buckle, Mr Roberts
Tympani - Mr Dyer
Side Drum - Mr Penty, Mr Dobbins
Bass Drum and Librarian - Mr B Dunsford

Roman Dancers - Mrs W Peacock, Freshfield, Acomb, Mrs T Peace, 46 Knavesmire Crescent, Misses N Bell, 13 St John Street, Miss Bean and L Bean, Strathroy, Acomb Road, W Bishop, Ivy Holme, Holgate, Birch, care of Mrs Wasling, Petergate [sic], Brand, 5 Feversham Crescent, Black, 22 Scarcroft Hill, G and E Cowper, 8 Stonegate, Clitheroe, 10 Adelaide Street, A Child, 31 Bewlay Street, B Coultate, 3 Friar's Terrace, M Cook, 43 Wellington Street, M Dent, Claremont Terrace, D and M Davison, 42 Wigginton Road, Daniels, Overton, Darnell, Carlton Terrace, Bishopthorpe Road, Fletcher, 24 Claremont Terrace, I Foxton, Stillingfleet Hill, Escrick, H Gawthorpe, 5 Scarborough Villas, Leeman Road, E Greenside, 45 Scarcroft Road, R Gent, 17 Scarcroft Hill, E Dixon, Greencroft, Heworth, M Hicks, Statistics Office, N E R, L Hewson, 26 New Walk Terrace, M Hey, 1 Park Street, Mount, Hodgson, Fountayne Street, Haxby Road, M Kilvington, 9 Stonegate, H Jackson, 50 Vyner Street, D Jubb, 96 Union Terrace, Law, 4 Wilton Street, Holgate, Maskew, 10 Adelaide Street, K Nelson, Acomb, Alice Norfolk, Dunkeswick, Harewood near Leeds, May Olden, 11 Heworth Green, C Page, 80 Lawrence Street, Mabel Palethorpe, 37 Vine Street, Bishopthorpe Road, Rowland, 25 Fossgate, Hilda Robinson, 16 Albemarle Road, Minnie Spink, Laurel Cottage, New Earswick, Queenie Sharp, The Lodge, Heworth, Janet Salmon, Overton Vicarage, near York, Margaret Spooner, Linley House, Holgate, Alice Scaif, 23a St Saviourgate, Thompson, St Sampson's Square, Alice Wells, 43 St John's Street, Walsh, 42 Thorpe Street, Ethel Wood, 41 Holgate Crescent

Morris Dancers (Wedding of Edward III)
Gentlemen - Mr Herbert Adams (Little John) 173 Poppleton Road, Mr G L Brown, Barclay's Bank, Mr W Bradshaw, 6 Clifton Dale, Mr G Benson (Will Scarlett) 50 Scott Street, Mr C A Barker (Jester) 11 High Petergate, Mr Ben Brook, 7 Gillygate, Mr Cedric Burrick (Imp) 8 Chestnut Avenue, Stockton Lane, Mr Wilfrid Bullivant (Imp) Highfield, Malton Road, Mr Cundal, (Robin Hood) Mount Pleasant, Acaster Malbis,
Mr F N Croft, 14 Chapter House Street, Mr Oliver I Cowper, Workington, Mr Davies, 41 Park Grove, Mr E Exelby, 24 Scarcroft Road, Mr W O Harrison, 13 Portland Street, Mr Hardcastle, 21 Fishergate, Mr D Holgate, Hazeldeane, Marygate, Mr T Lightowler, 60 Vyner Street, Mr Arthur Lupton, 15 Bootham, Mr George Moss, Norfolk House, Bishopthorpe Road, Mr Harry Mark, 80 Vyner Street, Mr B Wilson, care of Major Wilson, Depot Barracks, Mr George Waterworth, (Imp) 6 Goodramgate, Mr Herbert Wake, Church View, Bishophill, Mr Percy Payne (Allan a Dale), 52 Stonegate, Mr S Pinder, 40 Monkgate, Mr Henry Pearson (Imp) 30 Penley's Grove Street, Mr Harry Poulter, 13 Emerald Street, Mr Stainthorpe, 22 Portland Street, Mr Varey, 13 Adelaide Street.

Morris Dancers (Wedding of Edward III)
Ladies - Miss Gladys Appleton, Prospect Terrace, Fulford, Miss K Ahearne, Hawthorne Lodge, Bishopthorpe, Miss Auton, 79 Bishopthorpe Road, Mrs Beilby (Maid Marion) 4 Grove View, Clifton. Miss C Brown, 50 Heworth Road, Miss Ettie Buckley, 1 Garfield Terrace, Miss Emily and Miss Nora Chapman, 2 Scarcroft Villas, Nunthorpe Road, Miss Madge Craven, 16 Nunnery Lane, Miss N G Cundal, Mount Pleasant, Acaster Malbis, Miss Edith Dawson, 27 Lower Eldon Street, Miss Beatrice Downs, 5 Albemarle Road, Miss B Fairclough, Trevelyan House, Bishopthorpe Road, Miss D and Miss G Gibson, 26 Scarcroft Road, Miss W Bell, Burton Stone, Clifton, Miss M and Miss L Jackson, 50 Vyner Street, Miss A Jackson, 6 Alma Terrace, Miss A Knowles. 23 Stonegate, Miss Doris Kilvington, 9 Stonegate, Miss Elsie Lupton, 7 Bexley Square, Cemetery Road, Miss G Liddle, 2 Alma Terrace, Miss L Matson, Prospect Terrace, Fulford, Miss Daisy Maxwell, 17 Park Grove, Miss E A Poole, 25 Heworth Green, Miss E Raw, 19 De Grey Street, Miss Ethel Styan, 28 Adelaide Street, Miss Annie Gregains, Workington, Mr W Lewthwaite [sic], Workington

Shepherdesses -
Misses Olive Atkinson, East Mount House, May Brown, 28 De Grey street, Eva Brown, 20 Wentworth Road, Akers, 44 Knavesmire Crescent, Burrill, Chestnut Avenue, Stockton Lane, M Barnes, 24 St Olave's Road, G Benson, 50 Scott Street, Annie Birkill, 156 Bishopthorpe Road, Zillah Bell, 12 Micklegate, Marjorie Blain, Clarence Street, D Clarkson, Highfield, Malton Road, G Cariss, 78 Micklegate, M Clarke, Jessmine House, Bishopthorpe Road, Emily Buckley, 1 Garfield Terrace, Madge DeLittle, Mona Villa, Haxby, Driver, 163 East Parade, Heworth, May Darley, Oglesforth, N Fentiman, 31 Swan Street, May Foxton, Stillingfleet Hall, Escrick, Miss Hall, The Castle, Janet Howard, Marygate, Doris Horsley, Petergate, Dorothy Jackson, 39 Scarcroft Hill, Mary Jolly, Southlands Road, G Kirby, 43 Wentworth Road, Lupton, 15 Bootham, Little, 23 Claremont Terrace, E Murfin, 8 Coney Street, Marston, 5 De Grey Street, A Metcalf, 1 Bishopthorpe Road, F Mann, 44 Havelock Terrace, E Noble, 21 East Mount Road, E Peckett, 29 Lindley Street, Holgate Road, Smirthwaite, 21 De Grey Street, A Storey, 70 Micklegate, Stubbins, Bean Street, Marygate, F Whitwell, 7 Stonegate, Vera Wright, 79 Bishopthorpe Road, Ethel Wright, 2 Bewlay Street, Lilian Ward, 16 Scarcroft Road, Laura Foggin, 2 Dodgson Terrace, Acomb, Nellia Mallinson, 1 The Terrace, Gillygate, A Machin, 4 Stamford Street, G Wilson, care of Major Wilson, Depot Barracks.
Children Dancers
Boys - Masters Charlie Akers, 4 Knavesmire Crescent, Leslie Anderson, 17 Claremont Terrace, Frank and George Atkinson, 19 St John's Street, Addinall, Malton Road, E and T Birkill, Belvedere House, Bishopthorpe Road, F Wilfrid Cooper, 51 Nunnery Lane, S Challenger, Fulford, J A Dale, 31 Priory Street, Dearlove, 16 Groves Lane, R Goodwill, 24 Claremont Terrace, B H and G Geileen, 60 Gray Street, Jeffrey Hall, The Castle, E H Hawthorne, 18 Mount Parade, Lloyd Hull, Nottingham House, Dove Street, Fred Jackson, Spring Field, Malton Road, Cecil Johnson, 4 North Parade, Allen Monkhouse, 14 Queen Anne's Road, Norman Precious, 19 Grosvenor Terrace, Edmund Paffreman, 31 Sycamore Terrace, Ernest Pearson, 30 Penley's Grove Street, Poulton, 13 Emerald Street, Morris Pickering, 20 Clarence Street, Harold Sayer, 61 Clarence street, Sidney and Vincent Slater, 10 Waverley Street, Sayre, 57 Vyner Street, Stanley Spofforth, 23 North Parade, Percy Quickfall, 43 Park Grove, John Roden 42 Frances Street, Alfred Varley, 15 Dove Street, Wilfrid Wright, Mill Lane, Heworth, Warrilow, 61 Vyner Street

Girls - Misses May Armitage, 28 Holgate Villas, Acomb Road, Muriel Bullivant, Highfield, Malton Road, Ruth Batters, Garden Gate, Hungate, Ida Barker, 1 North View, Fountayne Street, Ellen Brown, 28 De Grey Street, Hilda Bilton, 13 Winter Street, South Bank. Eliza Burley, 90 Albemarle Road, South Bank, Geraldine Bryant, North Riding Asylum, G Challenger, Fulford, Gladys Challands, 10 Charles Street, J Campbell, 19 Markham Street, E Cooper, 51 Nunnery Lane, Beatrice Coates, 10 Claremont Terrace, Alice Cooke, Edgley House, Ruby and Vera Carter, 55 Vyner Street, G Dent, 21 Stonegate, F Dixon, 88 Albemarle Road, D Davies, Poplar House, Park Grove, Rita Driffield, 17 Princess Street, Sybil and Lucy D'Hooghe, 2 Richardson Street, Bishopthorpe Road, M Emmett, 44 Clarence Street, E Finnigan, 6 Second Avenue, Heworth, Annie Fletcher, 34 Claremont Terrace, Mary Jorden, 16 Clayton Street, Agnes Gillern, 60 Gray Street, D and L Hikeley, 2 Nunthorpe Avenue, Muriel Hibbitt, 5 Faversham Crescent, Dorothy Hilton, 2 Spen Lane, Edith Holmes, 18 Filey Terrace, Gladys Holgate, Blake Street, Evelyn Heap, 36 Lord Mayor's Walk, Lily Jolly and J Jolly, Southlands, Enid Jackson, 18 Lindley Street, Gertie Jackson, 39 Scarcroft Hill, Edith Jackson, 50 Vyner Street, Elsie Johnson, 4 North Parade, Edith Kay, 17 St Paul's Square, May Kettlewell, 14 Filey Terrace, Muriel Laishley, 136 Walmgate, C Myton, St Olave's Road, E and M Newsham, !6 Sycamore Terrace, Elsie Newton, 109 Lowther Street, O Paffreman, 31 Sycamore terrace, F E Pfluger, 8 Bewlay Street, Edith Precious, 19 Grosvenor Street, Violet Roden, 42 Francis Street, A and M Rougier, 4 Holly Terrace, New Walk, Doris and Madge Reynolds, 29 Sycamore Terrace, Phylis Ridey, 9 Sycamore Terrace, Lydia Smirthwaite, 21 De Grey Street, Doris Stabler, 8 Fountain Street, G Simpson, 23 Townend Street, Ida Sayre, 57 Vyner Street, Loie Sanderson, 51 Vyner Street, Kathline Wake, 58 St Olave's Road, G Waterworth, 16 Goodramgate, Isabel Wright, 29 East Parade, Dorothy Wright, Mill Lane, Heworth, Alice Weavers, 16 Heslington Road, C Wright, 79 Bishopthorpe Road, Mary Wright, 9 Rose Street, Haxby Road, Doris Warrilow, 61 Vyner Street, Hilda and Ida Watherstone, The Lodge, Fulford Grange.

The Military
Officers' names are found in the Episodes lists above [sic].

Drummers - Lance Corporal Hobson, Privates Le Minuer, Palmer, Wright and Hoffman

Non-Commissioned Officers and Men
5th lancers - Mounted Men - SSM Donald, Corpl Shurlock, Lance Corpl Cudden, Privates Dawson, French, Dawson, Jackson, Lawlor, Sankey, Low, Critchlow, Ormiston (all A Squadron). Corporals Crane and Cobb, Privates New, Hoban, Pottar, Tickner, Downey, (all C Squadron). Privates Culliton, Dee, Timms, Reynolds, Slingsby, Clements (all D Squadron)
Dismounted Men from A, C and D Squadron, 100 surnames in rank order
Green Howards (2nd Yorks Regiment) 120 surnames in rank order

Honorary Stewards
A H Barron, Stewards Manager
Messrs D G Balmford, F H Barron, A G Bell, H W Bell, S Bell, A G Benson, J Bickle, F Binns, N Blenkin, H Bushell, N Bushell, G Bonneyman, W Collinson, W H Connell, W Coupland,  J Croft, G W Daniel, E R Dodsworth, H Everest, J P Gent, R A Gibson, R S Gray, J Grisdale, J Harper, R Heseltine,  C K Hitchcock, J Hume, J Inkerman Wood, C B Johnson, J Y Johnson, G Kilvington, W Kitchen, G Laycock Brown, T Lister sen., W McLellan, J Maxwell junr, P E Newsham, W E Oulds, H C Pecket, F Penty, C A E Perfect, E and E S Piercy, T Powell, G H Price,  F Raney, C A Rymer, E Rymer, H Rymer, S Slack, A L Smith, J Smith, R Smith, H H Spink, H Spurr, J F Swales, E Temple, J H B Tennant, J W Terry, J Thompson, H Tillott, W M Turner,T H Welburn, A E Wray, J H Wright, S L Wyatt.

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