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Hail Mary

Angelus ad virginem

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Glory to God

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Dies Irae

Ascendit Deus



Music : Recording of 1984 incidental music

Item type: Music
Archive reference: YMP/I/2/2
Date/year: 1984
Description: Extract from programme for 1984 Mystery Plays:
Music by:Robert Walker
Performed by:Fiona Clarke, Patricia Hooper, Nancy Long, Joyce Jarvis, Leigh Nixon, John Dudley, Martin Elliot, Michael Pearce (voices); David Owen-Norris (synthesiser); Crispian Steele-Perkins, Bruce Nockles, Mark Emney (trumpet); Eric Crees, Paul Beer (trombone); Ron Bryans (bass trombone)
Music directed by:Robert Walker
Recorded and mixed at CTS The Music Centre, London

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