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Photographs : 1963 Photographs

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/5
Date/year: 1963
Photographs from the 1963 Mystery Plays production. There are not many from this year, although a donation of a scrapbook compiiled by Arthur and Rosemary Pickering has recently helped. A newly-found image of Alan Dobie as Jesus in his ministry is welcome (below left). At the foot of the page is one of Ian McShane as Satan - extracted from a larger scene.
Jesus 1963
Below is the scene where the soldiers divide Christ's garments, having taken them from him to crucify him.
1963 Dividing the garments
Below is a photo of the wagon play from that year - the horse and wagon are being taken through the streets to the performing spot.
horse and wagon 1963
Ian McShane Satan

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