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Press Cuttings : 1992 review: Plays must go back to the open

Item type: Press Cuttings
Archive reference: YMP/F/13/1/13
Date/year: 1992
Description: A cutting from page 8 of the York Evening Press 1 July 1992.  The Mystery Plays had just been revived in the York Theatre Royal but not everyone liked the production in modern dress.  Filed as YMP/F/13/1/13
In fact there had been some wagons on the streets in June:
Bretton Hall College - The Crucifixion
Lords of Misrule (York) - Death and Burial of Christ
Durham Medieval Drama Group - Harrowing of Hell
Joculatores Lancastrienses - Resurrection 
University of Groningen - Christ's Appearance to Mary Magdalen 
The playing stations were: -
1) Stonegate, opposite Little Stonegate
2) Stonegate, just beyond the Starre Inn arch
3) Corner of Stonegate and Low Petergate
4) Corner of Low Petergate and Grape Lane
Stonegate 1992

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