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Programmes/Posters : 2001 Programme of Divine Intervention

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/19
Date/year: 6 to 14 July 2001
Copy of programme of production 6 to 14  July 2001 by the Friends of York Mystery Plays and Festival of 
Divine Intervention at All Saints Church, Pavement.  This was a production which aimed to perform plays in which God was at the centre of the action.  This meant 11 Old Testament plays, adapted by Ray Alexander and Paul Toy.  Contents include Introduction by Paul Toy.
Divine Intervention Programme
Cast list:

God: Dave Parkinson
Angel 1: Janine Edwards
Angel 2: Helen Spenner
Lucifer: Sarah Wolverson
Cherabyn: Fiona Mozley
Adam: Kevin Gash
Eve: Rachel Johnson
Angel 3: Sharon Lusty / Kate Horlor
Cain: Sam Valentine
Abel: Christian Newton
Noah: Alf Israel
Son 1: Kevin Gash
Son 2: Chris Hanson
Son 3: Dan Weyman
Noah's Wife: Janet Robson
Daughter 1: Rachel Simpson
Daughter 2: Janine Edwards
Daughter 3: Karon Kon
Abraham: Ray Alexander
Isaac: Daniel Weyman
Angel: Karon Kon
Angel Lamb: Mallory Kon
Pharaoh: Christian Newton
Counsellor 1: Sarah Wolverson
Counsellor 2: Kate Horlor
Moses: Harold Mozley
Israelite 1: Chris Hanson
Israelite 2: Fiona Mozley
Israelite 3: Rachel Simpson
Egyptian 1: Helen Spenner
Egyptian 2: Sam Valentine
Singers : Paul Abbott (bass), Kit Bird (Bass), John Sharpe (Tenor), Paul Toy (Alto)
Design and properties: Mike Bowen
Cover Illustration: Mike Bowen
Music Director: Paul Toy
Wardrobe: Ursula Groom
Set Construction: Ray Alexander
Lighting and sound: Mike Alexander
Stage Management: Annette Marriette, Genevieve Kon, Amy Putland, Ollie Brown, Roger Gibbons, Tim Holman
Chairman: Robert Ward
Secretary: Yvonne Hanson
Treasurer: Ursula Groom
With thanks to the Rector of All Saints' Church, Pavement: Rev. David Porter

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