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Programmes/Posters : 1963 Cast in Programme

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/5/2
Date/year: 1963
Director:William Gaskill
Set and Lighting:John Bury 
Costumes designed by: Annena Stubbs
Assistant to the Director: Peter Gill  (whose later play The York Realist is based on this experience)
Assistant to the Designer:Michael Pope 
Music composed and conducted by:Marc Wilkinson
Played by members of the Virtuoso Ensemble, with Michael Blackley (tenor) and Geoffrey Shaw (bass) 

God the Father: Alan Dobie 
Archangel Michael:Keith Wallinger 
Archangel Gabriel:Martyn Jackson
Angels:Timothy Bell, Martin Rhodes, Michael Tooze, Paul Wake 
Lucifer /Satan:Ian McShane Jesus-devils-satan
Belzabub: Jack Brook 
Belial: Anthony Murphy 
Devils: Noel Stabler, John de Frates, Simon Court, Simon Hetherton
Adam: Jon Cross 
Eve: Rita Nixon 
Doctor:Keith Martin 
Mary:Morag Butler 
Joseph: Alfred Bristow 
Shepherds: Albert Pratt, George Cressey, Jack Brook 
Kings: Val Gallagher, Robert Leeming, Stanley Collymore
Soldiers in the Massacre: Malcolm Fairweather, William Hargreaves
Women in the Massacre: Gilliam Latchmore, Lesley Evans 
John the Baptist: Tim Preece 
Jesus: Alan Dobie Jesus is tormented
Jews:Anthony Murphy, John Moore 
Annas:Henry Woolf
Caiaphas:Peter Bowles
Woman taken into Adultery:Diana Humphrey
Apostles:J ohn Hibbs (Peter), Val Gallagher (Judas), Paul Wake (James), Alan Hodgson (Philip), David Bayes (John)
Mary Magdalene: Louise Liversidge 
Martha: Janet Copley 
Lazarus: Peter Mason 
Jerusalem Porter: Noel Stabler
Burghers:Stephen Bickler, Alfred Bristow, Peter Buntman, George Cressey, John de Frates, Christopher Groome, Michael McEwen, Keith Martin
Blind Man: William Hargreaves 
Lame Man: Arthur Naylor
Poor Man: Brian Osborne
Zaccheus:Stanley Cooper
Caiaphas' Porter:George Cressey
Malchus: Michael McEwen 
Soldiers: George Innes, Brian Osborne, Declan Mulholland, Tim Preece
Pilate:Shay Gorman  
Woman by the Fire:Lilian Pickering
Percula:Marguerite Gazeley
Percula's maid: Gillian Martindale
Pilate's Elder Son:Michael Rogers 
Pilate's Younger Son:George Torry
Pilate's Beadle:Albert Pratt 
Barabbas:Jon Cross
Centurion:Peter Mason 
Mary Cleopas: Alice Holgate 
Mary the Mother:Edna Shann
Simon of Cyrene:Peter Buntman
Thief on the Left:Malcolm Fairweather
Thief on the Right:Michael Tooze 
Joseph of Arimathea:Thomas Birkill 
Nicodemus:Philip Crockatt
Isaiah:William Hargreaves 
David:Arthur Naylor
Simeon:Stanley Cooper 
Angel by the Tomb:Martin Rhodes 
Good souls:Stanley Cooper, Stanley Collymore, Philip Crockatt
Bad souls:Keith Martin, Lilian Pickering

Country-folk and Citizens:Gillian Banks, Hilda Bristow, Doris Clarke, Janet Clegg, John Coombes, Joan Dale, Eileen D'Arcy, Lesley Evans, Mary Fletcher, Emily Foster, Alan Goulty, Gillian Latchmore, Robert Lidbetter, Kathleen Martin, John Moore, Jocelyn Nicholson, Bryan Ruddock, Roger Pearson, Christina Skaife, Neil Whiteley

Stage Director:Don Deuchars
Stage Manager:Richard Valentine
Assistant Stage Managers:Edward Scurr, Roy Simpson, Christine McElheran, Angela Chell, Jennifer Duckworth, Margaret Bramen, Barbara Houseman, Barbara Fletcher, Margaret Nagele, Margaret Rhodes, June Holyoake

Wardrobe Mistresses:Kathleen De Little, Mary Robinson 
Property Mistress:Eileen Andrewarthur
Assistants to the Designer:Sandra Castle, Mathilde Sandberg
Front of House Manager:R. V. Roger 
Assistant Front of House Manager:M. Duckett
Wardrobe Group:Mrs Ballinger, Mrs Bridge, Mrs Bytheway, Mrs Crossley, Mrs Dawson, Mrs Driscoll, Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Gallimore, Mrs Hopper, Mrs Lawn, Mrs MacFarlane, Mrs McHugh, Mrs Maynard, Mrs Oliver, Mrs Pickering, Miss Purvis, Mrs Elsie Robinson, Mrs Rymer, Mrs Sanders, Mrs Scruton, Mrs Severs, Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Tatton, Mrs Templeton, Mrs Turner, Mrs Vaughan-Jones, Mrs Walker, Mrs Walton, Mrs Wharhirst, Carol Rutherford. 
Property Group:Philip Clark, Ruth Dawson, Alec Delittle, Paddy Fawcett, Ena Mather, Harold Milner, Eileen Skaife. 
Scenery built by Arthur Heppell and Mills Scaffolding Company Limited. 
Martin Petter, Martin Sheean and Keith Hunter assisted in painting the scenery.
Lighting equipment installed by the Strand Electric and Engineering Company Limited.
Stands built by Mills Scaffolding Limited.
Sound by Cussins and Light Limited, York.
Hairdressing by Messers. Hart and Pinder Limited of Coney Street, Blossom Street and Acomb, York, and of Scarborough.

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