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Delma Tomlin Personal Folder : Cast list from 1951

Item type: Delma Tomlin Personal Folder
Archive reference: YMP/O/1/3/3
Date/year: 1951
Description: Cast list from 1951 production, original typescript.  For an image of the programme, see  '1951 programme and image' (YMP/B/1/4)
Producer: Martin E. Browne
Associate Producer: Henzie Raeburn (m. to Martin Browne)
Stylised Movement and mime: Geraldine Stephenson
Designer: Norah Lambourne
Musical Director: Allan Wicks
Artistic director of the Festival: Keith Thomson 

God the Father: [uncredited in programme] 
Archangel Michael: Tenniel Evans 
Archangel Gabriel: David Giles 
Lucifer (Satan): John van Eyssen
Belzabub: Peter Ellis 
Belial: Tony Haigh 
1st Devil: Donald Howarth 
2nd Devil: Tom Bell 
Adam: Kenneth Parsons 
Eve: Joyce Rankin
Mary: Mary Ure 
Joseph: Leonard Pickering 
Shepherds: Philip Hainsworth, Gordon Langsford, Richard Vivian
Kings: Edward W. Robinson, Nicholas Crosse, Kenneth Vaughan Jones
John the Baptist: Harry Beety 
Angel: Sheila Ross 
Jesus:[uncredited in programme: Joseph O'Conor]
Jews: George Little, Raymond Linden
Doctors: Alfred Bristow, Theo Bruce 
Martha: Gwenda Cotton 
Mary Magdalene: Henzie Raeburn
Mary of Bethany: Eliner Rutherford 
Lazarus: Dudley Foster 
Messenger: Philip Clarke
Keeper of the Gates: Claude Oglethorpe 
Poor Woman: Lilian Pickering
Blind Man: Donald Barlow
Lame Man: Michael Underwood 
Zaccheus: Wilfrid Loftus
Peter: John Bosomworth 
Citizens: George Taylor, Theresa Green, Gordon Willet Bakke, Kathleen Clarke, Eileen Skaife, Leslie Warters, Alexander Robinson
Burghers: Raymond Quirk, Alwyn Wood, John Nicholson, Hubert Dryland, Benjamin Mein, Jack Clemo
Judas: John Heu
Caiaphas: John Kay
Portress: Barbara Hughes
Malchus: Richard Vivian
Annas: Reginald Dench
Pilate:A lec De Little
James: Hardo Milner
John: Fred Richardson 
Percula: Pat Broadhurst 
Pilate's Son: Andrew Staines 
Maid: Monica Perry 
Beadle: Leonard Pickering 
Barabbas: James Scott 
Centurion: William Dallas 
Roman Soldiers: Oswald Heppell, Richard Roberts, George McClenaghan, Brian Jenkins, Jack Clemo, Frank Barber, Eric Scrase, Bruce Wollerton 
Simon of Cyrene: Richard Morton
Boy at the Cross: William Leach
Mary Cleopas: Esme Church 
Joseph of Arimathea: Gordon Langford
Nicodemus: Philip Hainsworth 
Isaiah: Kenneth Vaughan Jones
Simeon: Edward W. Robinson 
David: Nicholas Crosse 
Angel of the Resurrection: Martin Johnson 
Thomas: Robert Grant 
Herald: Alfred Bland
Angels: Christine Baker, Jean Chapman, Judith Dench, Sheila Dodd, Susan Dodsworth, Sheila Hancock, Robina Parker, Phyllida Walker 
Devils: John Broomhead, Allan Brown, Richard Clark, Roger Kirkus
Apostles: Michael Rusholme, William Shorer, Roland Bentley, Anthony Lukza, Nigel Laird, Alfred West 
Citizens and countryfolk: Ann Agate, Georgina Bickerdike, Hilda Bristow, Allison Brockbank, Pat Butters, Bryony Cadbury, Norah Christie, Audrey Cobb, Audrey Elliott, Jean Farnworth, Jean Gardner, Marie Holdridge, Elsie Horsley, Peggy Ings, Shirley Jeaffreson, Annette King, Gillian Lewis, Constance Mason, Margaret Mein, Ann Metcalfe, Eleanor Milner, Julia Morpurgo, Frances Outhwaite, Sybil Ruegg, Erla Shorer, Edith Steel, Barbara Theakstone, Jan Tinsley, Rita Varlow.
B. Appleyard, D. Bowes. W. Bradley, R. Briggs, M. Crowe, A. Garrod, R. Greenwood, M. Hick, A. Jackson, M. Kelsall, B. Lamb, M. Lund, J. Pumphrey, D. Rathmell, G. Ritchie, W. Shaw, P. Smith, D. Walker, F. Waslin, F. Waudby, J. Weightman, M. Whiteman. 

Students of the Northern Theatre School taking part: Alethea Charlton, Wynne Griffiths, Gillian Jones, June Kearsley, Eva Michelson, Ida Payman, Joan Pickering, June Purdy, June Robinson, Maire Virgo, Jennifer Wallace, Pamela Weekes, Nicholas Evans, Brian Lawson, James Scott, David Wright. 

Music for the Mystery Plays:  (score by James Brown)
Instrumentalists: Messrs. Bacon, Fawcett, Field, Gowland, MacDonald, Read, Sugden and Walsh.
Choir: Mesdames Allinson, Ayers, Clarke, Chambers, Dawkins, Gledhill, Holt, Haw, Huntingdon, Jessop, Long, Mason, Severs, Ward, and Wright.
The Misses Benson, Briddon, Atkinson, B. Clarkson, J. M. Clarkson, Betts, Entwistle, Durkin, Huntingdon, Manners, Parker, Schofield, Rhodes, Stannard, Storey, Tavinder and Webster. 
Messrs. Burrell, Coulsen, Hart, Duxbury, Appleby, Harrison, Jones, Mirfin, Rayson, Rickell, Knight, Mason, P. Mason, Milner, Sargeant, Wilson and Wright.

Stage Director:  William Pickering
Stage Manager:  Edward Scurr
Assistant Stage Managers: George Duncombe, Wilfred Newby, 
Wardrobe Mistress: Olave Dench
Assistant to the Producer: Ruth Thomson
Property Mistress: Kathleen De Little
Front of House Manager: Allan Massey
Deputy Front of House Manager: Fred Ridsdale 

Scenery built by Culliford and Son, and H. B. Raylor and Company Ltd; painted by John Russell
Wigs by 'Wig Creations' and "Bert"
Special Effects and lighting by the Strand Electric and Engineering Co Ltd
Stands built by H. B. Raylor and Company Ltd
Second copy of programme donated by Mrs Jean Lawn nee Farnworth who acted as citizen/countryfolk.  Below: members of York Settlement Community Players in 1951.

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