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Programmes/Posters : 1980 Programme

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/11
Date/year: 1980
Description: Programme for 1980 Mystery Plays production in Museum Gardens.
Tickets cost £3.50, £3.00 or £2.50
Director: Patrick Garland
Asst Dir: David Clarke
Settings by Saul Radomsky
Lighting by Les Broughton
Sound by Tony Frosard
Music by Edward Gregson
Musical Director: John Hylton West.
Cast in Order of Appearance:
Nick the Carpenter: Christopher Timothy
God: James Park
Angel Seraphyn: Celia Harris
Angel Lucifer: Peter Jackson
Beelzebub: Alan Inglis
Adam: Roger Yorke
Eve: Vary Goodwill
Angel Michael: John White
Michael's Angel: Elizabeth Bradshaw
Cayne: Alan Inglis
Abell: John Ramsden
Doctor: Anthony Illingworth
Gabriel : Monica Smith
Mary: Penn Charles
Elizabeth: Alice Roberts
Joseph: Harry Bridge
Baby Jesus: Nicholas Ross
1st Maid: Celia Harris
2nd Maid: Angela McLaughlin
1st Shepherd: Michael A Brown
2nd Shepherd: Roger Farrington
3rd Shepherd: Thomas Zugic
Herod: Peter Aughton
1st knight: Roger Barham
2nd knight: Noel Stabler
Messenger to Herod: Mel Curry
1st Counsellor: John Roden
1st King: Ray Alexander
2nd king: Andrew Rogerson
2nd Counsellor: Arthur Naylor
maid at the stable: Helen Thorrington
3rd King: Graham Hollingsworth
Women in the slaughter: Anne Free, Jacqueline Williams. Doris Parker
John the Baptist Anthony Illingworth
Christ: Christopher Timothy
Jews: Richard Michaels, Brian Sharples. Roger Barham, Howard Booker
Mary Magdalene: Julia Martinez
Messenger to Mary and Martha: Dawn Bushby
2nd Apostle: Nigel Ashworth
Martha: Betty Doig
Mary of Bethany: Gillian Banks
Lazarus: Roger Yorke
Porter: Paul Masterson
Burgesses: Graham Hollingsworth, Paul Morris, Larry Coles, Guy Mole, David Carter, Brian Sharples
Zaccheus: Peter Bridgewood
Blind Man: Arthur Naylor
Wife of Zaccheus: Brenda Mackfall
Lame Man: John Roden
Lambert the joiner: Larry Coles
Judas: Thomas Zugic
Cayphas: Duncan Savage
Doctor to Cayphas: Guy Mole
Annas: Peter Jackson
Marcellus: Arthur Naylor
Peter: James Park
Disciples: Nigel Ashworth, Peter Bridgewood, Garry Ellis, Graham Hollingsworth, Paul Morris, Andrew Rogerson
James: Ray Alexander
John: John Ramsden
Malcus: Larry Coles
Jewish Soldiers: Garry Ellis. John Roden, Michael Brown, Richard Michaels
Woman in the pub: Mary McPherson
Percula Pilate: Vivienne Clare
Pilate: John White
Pilate's beadle: Roger Farrington
Maid: Angela McLaughlin
Pilate's son: Dawn Bushby
Knights: Michael Brown, Noel Stabler, Harry Bridge, Roger Yorke
Barrabas: Roger Farrington
Mary the Mother: Edna Shann
Mary Salome: Catherine West-Taylor
Simon of Cyrene: Drew Wilson
Thief on the left: Roger Barham
Thief on the right: Nigel Ashworth
Boy at Crucifixion: Juana Willumsen
Longeus: Anthony Illingworth
Joseph of Arimathea: Larry Coles
Nichodemus: Ray Alexander
Angel at Tomb: Elizabeth Bradshaw
Bad Souls: Sheila Shouksmith, Susannah Morris
Good Souls: Eileen Skaife, Vanessa Armstrong
Boy in crowd: Ben Ross (with Joseph in picture below)
Joseph Baby Jesus and brother

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