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Photographs : Cast list 2014 wagon plays

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/17/2/10
Date/year: July 2014
Description: The photographs below are from the Baptism pageant and the Harrowing of Hell pageant on 20 July 2014, in the Dean's Park.  The cast list is below.  For photos of accompanying musicians, see this page.
Baptism of Christ

Harrowing of Hell

Chorus, King's Manor and Museum Gardens:  Ariel Redman, Pauline Redman, Roy Powell
Chorus, Dean's Park: Val Burgess, Sandra Rowan, Iain Milne
Chorus, College Green: Maeve Campbell, Catherine Edge, Samuel Valentine
Chorus, King's Square and St Sampson Square: Jacquie Faller, Mary Callan, Claire Quinn

1 The Plasterer's Pageant of the Creation of the World to the Fifth Day, brought forth by the Guild of Building
Master of the Guild: Noel Shouksmith, Clerk: Rebecca Thompson, Macebearer: Steve Cluderay
Director: Tony Ravenhall
God: Steve Bielby
Whale and Wagon master: Tony Neal
Shark: Matthew Bielby 

2 The Coopers Pageant of The Fall of Man by the Guild of Freemen in partnership with Canon Lee School
Production Team: Rebecca Nicholson, Adam Harland, Harry Atkin
Satan: Ben Franks
Eve: Ellie Jackson
Adam: Kane Hutchinson
God: Taylor Sanderson 

3 The Chandlers Pageant of the Angels and Shepherds by the Guild of Scriveners
Director: Ian Bithell
Wagon Master: Tony Cocker
Shepherd 1: Tim Hinton
Shepherd 2: Adrian Widdowson
Shepherd 3: John Latimer
Angelic Choir directed by Amanda Crawley:  Penny Bartlett, Mavourneen Burrows, Patricia Campbell, Vanessa Gehrhoff, Maggie Lowe, Averil Rushton, Karen WilsonIlona Woodhead,  , t, 

4  The Girdlers and Nailers Pageant of the  Slaughter of the Innocents by Heslington Church
Directors: Lee Maloney, Robert Cumming
Herod: Steve Denison
Counsellor 1: Robert Cummings, Counsellor 2: Kate Hawley, 
Messenger: Josh Vedder
Soldier 1: Bill McCormack, Soldier 2: Sarah Morley, Soldier 3: Scott Morley
Woman 1: Edith Millan, Woman  2: Katie Onyett, Woman 3: Jodie
Vicar: Revd Jan Nobel
Singer: Edith Millan

5 The Barber's Pageant of the Baptism of Christ - HIDden Theatre 
Director: Laura-Elizabeth Rice
Wagon Master: Alan Gillott 
John the Baptist:  Mark Burghagen
Jesus: Ehren Mierau
God:  Charles Hunt
First Angel: James Witchwood, Second Angel: Stephanie Richter, Third Angel:: Kate Thomas
6 The Cappers' Pageant of the Woman taken in Adultery and The Raising of Lazarus,  by York St John University
Staff Production Team: Professor Gweno Williams, John Merrylees, David Richmond, Jules Dorey Richmond, Helen Turner
Student Performers: 
Jesus: Charlie Johnston  with
Justine Buchanan, Jess Chaney, Jonny Curd, Georgie Fishkin, Lauren Hall, Megan Hardcastle, David Harrison,  Gemma Keane, Janice Newton, Victoria Sharples, Keelan Swift, Kirsty Wolff 

7 The Skinners' Pageant of The  Entry into Jerusalem, by York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust
Director: Simon Tompsett, Producer: Angie Millard, 
Wagon Master: Dave al-Bahrani-Peacock
Christ: Laurence O'Reilly 
Peter: Nick Jackson
Phillip: Sarah Strong
Porter: Liz Elsworth
Poor Person: Gaynor Spivey
Blind Man: Tom Davis
Lame Person: Felicity Semple 
Zaccheus: Keith Rowan
Citizens: Colin Burland, Emma Dubriel, Jake Jackson, Mike Jones, Colin Lea, Shelagh Loftus, Bernard Lyne, Lucinda Rennison, Anna Robinson, Olivia Robinson, Bernadette Turner, Richard Sheils, Jessie West
Singers and Dancers:  Angela Demsey, Victoria Dibbs, Jenny Dixon, Guy Hawkyard, Heather Hewitson, Karen Hill, Sandra Hilstead, Christin Hines, Nick Jones, Sue Morvan, Hayleigh Nash, Claire Robinson, Maggie Soper, Kath Stead, Kate Vernon-Rees 

8 The Bowers and Fletchers Pageant of Christ before Annas and Caiaphas by York Settlement Community Players for  the Company of Cordwainers 
Director:  Graham Sanderson, Stage Manager: Sue Skirrow
Wagon Master: Jim Webster, Wagon Design and Construction: Mike Rogers
Costumes: Helen Taylor
Photographer: Mike Oakes
Woman wineseller: Vicki Hill
Peter: Robin Sanger  
Caiaphas: Roger Farrington
Annas: Claire Morley
Jesus: James Osman
Soldier 1: Martin Bartlett, Soldier 2 : Ged Murray, Soldier 3: Sonia Di Lorenzo, Soldier 4: Rochelle Reynolds  
Malcus: Jessica Murray

9 The Pinners Pageant of the Crucifixion and The Death of Christ by the Company of Butchers in partnership with the Church of St Chad on the Knavesmire
Director: Tom Straszwecki
Wagon Master: David Clapham
Jesus: John Hoyland
Crassus/Soldier 1: Paul Yates
Livia/Soldier 2: Fiona  Jackson 
Brutus/Soldier 3: Chris Hagyard
Longinus/Soldier 4: Richard Thirlwall
The Authority: David Hagyard 
Mary Mother of Jesus: Marion Goodrick
John: Martin Cross
Joseph of Arimethea:  Kevin Bowes
Mary Cleophas: Katy Devine

10 The Saddlers' Pageant of the  Harrowing of Hell, by the Church of St Luke the Evangelist
Directors: Lynn Comer, Mike Tyler
Wagon Master: Paul Smith
Costumes/Sets: Lesley Wilkinson
Musical Director: Helen Warry
Jesus: Martin Sheppard
Archangel Michael: Ron Branscombe
Adam: Tom Pollock
Eve: Melissa Bryan
Deborah: Elaine Hill
Isaiah: David Rushton
Simeon: Alastair Dunn
Anna: Sheila Dunn
John the Baptist: James Tyler
Moses: Richard Broadley
King David: Trevor Gant
Satan: WIllow Pollock
Belezebub: Mark Comer
Ribald: Sally Maybridge
Astoreth: Jenita Punnoose
Anaball: Lesley Wilkinson
Baal: Mike Tyler
Berith: Millie Addy/Laura Kenny
Belial: John Tuffen
Avaritia: Joyce Costello
Invidia: Liz Carrington
Other devils: Miriam Bradsell, Janey Thorne
Souls in Hell: Rachel Kenny, Vanda Nendick, Geoffrey Williams
Singing Souls in Hell: Deborah Bradsell, Jennifer Carter-Shaw, Lynn Comer, Liz Davies, Jenny Gwynne, Mary Halliday, Annie Howard, David Howard, Michael Maybridge, Carnie Pollock, Wendy Sculthorp, Susannah Thorne, Alice Tuffen, Bronwen Tuffen, Gillian Tyler, Helen Warry, EIleen Wishart

11 The Carpenters Pageant of the Resurrection by the Company of Merchant Taylors
Artistic Director, Music Director:  Lindsay Ibbotson 
Pageant Master: John Russell
Production Assistant: Chris Warren
Pontius Pilate: Nick Ibbotson
Caiaphas: Robert Watson 
Annas: Ann Bowes
Centurion: John Heaton
Soldier 1: Claire Mollan, Soldier 2: Helen Jarvis,  Soldier 3 Joyce Clayton, Soldier 4: Pam Jackson-Vicars
Mary Magdalene: Donna Hall
Angel: Natalie Shannon
Voice 1: Deborah Mitchell, Voice 2: Judith Laity/Sophie Montgomery
Child of the People: Maisie Nuttall
Singers from St Peters Brafferton school
Bells: Janet Fulton

12 The Mercers Pageant of the Last Judgement by the Company of Merchant Adventurers, in partnership with Pocklington School
Director: Emma Cunningham
Musical Director: Allison Bond
Costumes: Cheryl White
Wagon Master: Steven Ryan, Richard Bond, Ben Ryan
God: Alan Heaven
Jesus: Hugh Stubbins
Angels: Laura Arnott, Emma Burke
Apostles: Krystina Meinardi, Heather Young
Devils: James Harrison, Sam Ryan
Good and Bad Souls: Emily Boddy, Hannah Brice, Imogen Heaven, Billy Ibbotson, Lawrence Mason, Anthony Rose, Josie Wareham
Morris Musicians: Charlotte Ball, Dave Foster, John Williamson
Dancers: Sue Beadle, Carol Bull, Jacqui Gunn, Barry Havercroft, Pat Havercroft, Diane Heaven, Elizabeth Howlett, Rachel Howlett, Claude Mole, Elizabeth Thompson, Harriet Thompson 

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