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Photographs : 2016 photographs

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/17/2/5
Date/year: 2016
Description: Photographs from the 2016 production in York Minster, especially from Duncan Lomax and Anthony Chappell-Ross.  More are welcome!  Go to this page for the 2016 cast list. Planets get ready Here are some of Noah's animals, waiting for the call.  giraffes in the Minster

Below: Mr and Mrs Noah. Roger Farrington first played Noah in 1988.
Mr and Mrs Noah

Below centre: Mothers whose babes have been massacred by Herod's soldiers.

Here is a cart which bears the manger, ready to be drawn on stage for the Nativity.Manger on cart in wings
Below, Toby Gordon as Lucifer. (For the last four performances he played Jesus, when Philip McGinley, shown below left and right, was temporarily unwell.) 
Lucifer is rebelling

Three Kings kneeling

The Kings bring presents to Jesus in the stable.        

Jesus held by Romans
Jesus is tormented by the Roman soldiers (left). Below Pilate is with Malchus (Joe Hopper), the soldier whose ear was cut off in the garden of Gethsemane by Apostle Peter but who was healed by Jesus.  The resurrected Christ is below right.
Resurrected Christ

Pilate and Mlchus

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