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Interview with Eileen Skaife

Interview with Allan Wicks

Interview with Arthur Pickering

Interview with Bill and Joyce Brunton

Interview with Brian Kay

Interview with Christopher Timothy

Interview with the Dean of York

Interview with Frank Dobson

Interview with Hugh Curristan

Interview with James Brown

Interview with John Hall

Interview with John Scott

Interview with John White

Interview with Joyce Johnson

Interview with Keith Wood, Geoff Wragg & Delma Tomlin

Interview with Ken Evans

Interview with Muriel Sorby

Interview with Ossie Heppell

Interviews : Interviews eighteen participants about the Mystery Plays

Item type: Interviews
Archive reference: YMP/C
Date/year: 1999 on
Here are 18 interview transcripts.  A good number were conducted by Mike Tyler, such as the one with Eileen Skaife in 1999, to whom the archive is indebted.  She acted as an amateur in productions, beginning in 1951 when she was 29.   22 pages, recorded on 19 August 1999.  Filed as YMP/C/1/1. 
Filed as YMP/C/1/3 is an interview with Joyce Johnson by Mike Tyler in September 1999. As an 18 year old she saw the Plays in 1951.  Emphasises the cold.  Plays were scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that if it rained on Monday your ticket was valid for Tuesday.  12 pages.
In April 2001 Mike Tyler recorded an interview with John M Hall, who describes throughtfully and dramatically  acting in the plays in 1988, 1992, 1996, 1998 and 2000.  A new memoire has been contributed by author Andrew Martin, who as a boy was in the 1976 production.
On this page of the main website are transcripts of four participants in the 2016 production in York Minster,

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