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Moses and Pharaoh.

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Photographs : Moses and Pharoah wagon play

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/21/6/5/2
Date/year: 2002
Description: In 2002 the Plays were performed on Wagons.  This scene from the Old Testament is relatively infrequently performed.  The photograph was taken by Kippa Matthews, a York photographer who made the coverage of the Mystery Plays somewhat of a speciality. 
The Company of Merchant Taylors that year produced the Hosiers' Play of Moses and Pharoah.  Here is a link to an archived website.
The Merchant Taylors have produced other plays in other years.  
Wagon Master:Keith Musker
Wagon Team:John Musker, Mathew Thompson, Thomas Brooks, Kevin McManus, Alan Brilly, Martin Hofschoerer, Miles Wymark-Hoar, Cory Mason
Director:Ged Cooper
Assistant Director:Esther Steven
Set Design:Alan Appleby
Set Construction:Rick Baker, Ryan Cook, Jason Haslegrove, Joyce Sanderson
Scenery:David Sharpe with Kathy Chen, Erin Collins, Sophie Mackfall, Ruth Woods
Music Director:Kate Vernon-Rees
Costumes:Jenny Olsen, Sarah Rawcliffe
King Pharaoh:Will Roberts
God:Robyn MacNamara
Moses:Cordelia Mitchell
1st Counsellor:Jenny Nobbs
2nd Counsellor:Patrick Hannon
1st Hebrew:Hannah Gath
2nd Hebrew:Sonia di Lorenzo
3rd Hebrew:Katherine Ekers
1st Egyptian:Holly Bonarius
2nd Egyptian:Gemma Whitehead
Egyptian Soldiers:Ted Ralph, Oliver Gell, Michael Lawton, Tristran Fayers
Trumpeter:Nick Wallen
Drummer:Stephen Brown

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