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Programmes/Posters : The Pageant: Noah's Flood, 1966

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/6/2
Date/year: 1966
Description: Programme of the Flood. Loose, but was sellotaped into scrapbook donated by Eileen Skaife. 
Price: One shilling.
Noye: Stewart Lack
Noye's Wife: Rosemary Whittiker
1st Son: Derek Saunders
2nd Son: John King
3rd Son: Christopher Smith
1st Daughter: Ruth Rollinson
2nd Daughter: Angela Washington
3rd Daughter: Vivien Sharpe
Attendants: Norman Bell, Valerie Briggs, Malcolm Crabtree, Gillian Craig, Anne Crossley, Geralding Nish, Juliet Oliver, Malcolm Tate

Produced by E. Martin Browne
Associate Producer: Stewart Lack
Set Designer: Michael Rogers
Stage Director: William Pickering
Wardrobe Mistress: Kathleen De Little
Assistant Wardrobe Mistress: Mary Craven
Property Mistress: Brenda Hartley
Setting built by: Ossie Hepple

Costumes by the Ladies of the York Mystery Play Costume Group from original designs by Norah Lambourne
Properties made and setting painted by pupils of Archbishop Holgate's Grammar School and York College for Girls

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