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Programmes/Posters : York Cycle of Mystery Plays programme 1966

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/6/1
Date/year: June- July 1966
Description: Inside Scrapbook made by Eileen Skaife, and donated to NCEM.  The York Cycle of Mystery Plays programme 10 June - 3 July 1966.

Producer: Martin E. Browne
Set Designer: Michael Cain
Costumes designed by: Alix Stone
Movement directed by: David Henshaw
Music selected, adapted and recorded by: Denis Stevens
God the Father: John Westbrook
Archangel Michael: Graham Corry
Archangel Gabriel: Leader Hawkins
Lucifer (Satan): David Henshaw
Belzabub: Philip Barnes
Belial: Ian Morgan
1st Devil: Gordon Wallace
2nd Devil: Richard Saville
Adam: Christopher Kitching
Eve: Karin MacCarthy
Isaiah: Andrew Spence
Doctor: Robert Morley
Mary: Loretta Ward
Joseph: Derrick Parr
Shepherds: Albert Pratt, Thomas Birkill, Peter Crowther
Herod: John de Frates
Knights: Albert Hough, Michael Richardson
Messenger: Alan Jarvis
Kings: Frank Higgins, Alfred Bristow, Elsworth Griffith
Mothers: Maureen Bridges, Karen Davies, Margaret Hawthorne, Carole Simpson, Carole Singleton
John the Baptist: Graham Corry
Jesus: John Westbrook
Jews: Neville Wright, Noel Stabler
Woman taken into Adultery: Eileen Dobson
Doctors: Duncan Savage, Harold Milner
Servant from Bethany: Gladys Benton
Martha: Mary Frances Owen
Mary of Bethany: Mary Ballinger
Lazarus: Arthur Naylor
Keeper of the Gates: Thomas Birkill
Blind Woman: Lilian Pickering
Lame Man: George Cressey
Zaccheus: Norman Tyrrell
Wife to Zacchaeus: Olave Dench
First Citizen: Alan Jarvis
Burghers: Alfred Bristow, Margaret Wilkinson, Patrick Waters, Gillian Clews, John de Frates
Judas: John Heu
Caiaphas: Derrick Parr
Porter: Christine Olsen
Malchus: George Mackin
Annas: Norman Tyrrell
Peter: Campbell Brown
James: Nicholas Banks
John: Paul de Vall
Jewish Soldiers: Alan Brown, Martin Dower, Stewart Hashagan, John Swainston
Pilate: Nigel Forbes Adam
Percula: Theresa Forbes Adam
Pilate's Son: John Bannister
Maid: Lesley Bilton
Beadle: Henry Tomlinson
Barabbas: Ted Slevin
Centurion: Andrew Spence
Roman Soldiers: Philip Barnes, Albert Hough, Ian Morgan, Robert Morley, Michael Richardson, Richard Saville, Gordon Wallace
Mary Cleopas: Edna Shann
Mary Magdalen: Jean Buckle
Mary the Mother: Henzie Raeburn
Simon of Cyrene: Frank Higgins
Joseph of Arimathea: Albert Pratt
Nicodemus: Stewart Lack
Moses: Harold Milner
David: Neil Scott
Angel at the Resurrection: David Frith or John Reading or John Scott
Thomas: Robert Scott
King's Attendants: David Anderson, Christopher Buck, David Frith, George Jefferson, John Scott
Disciples: Ian Crockett, Michael Dixon, Martyn Green, John Gillespie, Roger Graveson, Andrew Robinson, Rory Spence

Country-folk and Citizens: Gillian Banks, Richard Barker, Anthony Benn, Hilary Boon, Hilda Bristow, Hazel Broadhead, Philip Carrington, Doris Clarke, Stanley Cooper, Veronica Coulson, Edna Cressey, Richard Denton, Penny Dunford, Martin Fearn, Margaret Fleeman, Annie Gray, Winifred Groves, Mary Hales, Mavis Hitchcock, June Holyoake, John Hopper, Wendy Ibbetson, Jennifer Jubb, Charles Kightley, Cedric Lodge, John Mallinson, Eleanor Milner, Jane Mitchinson, Doris Nicholson, Jill Nicholson, Jocelyn Nicholson, Stephen Rowley, Alison Taylor, Margaret Veal, Michael Veal, John Waller, Joy Watkins, Elizabeth White, Sybil Whitfield, Peter Wood. Crew
Stage Director: Neville Wright 
Stage Manager: Alan Stuart
Assistant Stage Managers: Jean Harbottle, John Morris
Lighting: Percy Corry
Wardrobe Mistresses: Kathleen De Little, Mary Robinson
Assistant to the Producer: Ted Slevin
Property Mistress: Ruth Dawson
Assistants to the Designer: Sandra Castle, Mathilde Sandberg
Costumes painted by: Peter Whiteman
Crowns made by: Eric Gates, Jean Gates
Front of House Manager: R. V. Roger

Wardrobe Group: Mesdames Dench, Driscoll, Fletcher, Gibbon, Green, Lawn, Maynard, McCarter, McHugh, Oliver, Palmer, Paver, E. Robinson, Rymer, Savage, Scruton, Severs, Simmonds, Stevenson, Tatton, Turner; Mlles. Purvis, Walker
Property Assistants: Eileen Andrewartha, Harold Bond, Margaret Bond, Alec Delittle, Paddy Fawcett, Madeline Gray, Ena Mather, Judith Pinder, Jane Rhead
Lighting Assistants: Philip Bowman, Brian Dooks, Norman Gray.
Scenery built by the Shepherd Building Group Ltd
Lighting equipment installed by the Strand Electric and Engineering Company Limited
Stands built by Mills Scaffolding Limited
Sound by Cussins and Light Limited
Wigs by 'Wig Creations'
Boots by Anello and Davide

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