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Programmes/Posters : The Flood, 1954 programme

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/2/3
Date/year: 1954
Description: Programme of the Flood. Pasted into 1954 scrapbook donated by Eileen Skaife. The main production was in the Museum Gardens but there was also a wagon play in the streets.  This year it was The Flood, another term for Noah's Ark. Price: One shilling.
Noye: Hubert Dryland
Noye's Wife: Lilian Pickering
1st Son: Nicholas Evans
2nd Son: Frank Smith
3rd Son: Denzil Vause
1st Daughter: Margaret Hodgson
2nd Daughter: Jill Johnstone
3rd Daughter: Margaret Pittard

Produced by E. Martin Browne
Designer: Norah Lambourne
Stage Director: William Pickering
Wardrobe Mistress: Olave Dench
Assistant Wardrobe Mistress: Winifred Mary Robinson
Property Mistress: Kathleen De Little
Settings: Arthur Hepple
Scene Painter: Keith P. Lyon
Costumes by the Ladies of the York Mystery Play Costume Group
1954 wagonplay prgramme

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