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Programmes/Posters : 1992 York Cycle of Mystery Plays programme

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/14/1
Date/year: 1992
Description: A4 souvenir programme from 1992 Mystery Plays production in the Theatre Royal. 
Contents: Introductory messages by Professor Patrick Nuttgens (chairman of the Theatre Trust), Cllr Ken King (Chairman of the Festival), Penelope Worsley (Chairman of the Theatre Restoration Appeal); questions and answers with John Jansson (Director of Music), Martin Johns (Designer), Liz Lochhead (Writer), Ian Forrest (Director); historical survey of Mystery Plays origins by Paul Miller (shows Shepherd's Pageant Song); order of plays; cast list; use of 3D sound systems; biographies of Robson Green, Liz Lochhead, Ian Forrest, Martin Johns, John Jansson, Lorelei Lynn, Chris Ellis, Charlie Dickinson.  Local business Shepherd Building Company were the major sponsors, as can be seen in the image below.  This page of the website lists all the webpages, to help you navigate to a particular theme.

Alan Acaster: Malicious townsperson/Janitor/Nicodemus
Elizabeth Adams: Elizabeth
Corinne Armistead: Cain/child
Barry Atkinson: Noah/Caspar
Paula Bambrough: Mother
Theresa Barnett: Child
Duncan Bartlett: Young Shepherd, Thomas, Musician
Laura Beaumont: Child
Lee Beaumont: Chaperone
Olga Bielby: Citizen of Jerusalem
Vaughen Birbeck: Ham/Knight
Peter Blackburn: Matthew, Barabbas
Vikki Boddye: Magistrate
Claire Boffin: Bad Soul
Lucy Bolger: Japhet's Wife
Dave Bowen: Propmaker
Liz Brown: Mother
Moira Brownlee: Seraphim, Mother, Musician
Jenny Burrage: Mary Magdalen
Chris Cade: Peter
Donna Carr: Shem's Wife, Balladeer
Alison Chalcroft: Bad Soul
Eleanor Chapman: Angel, Musician
Selena Charles: Citizen of Jerusalem
Richard Chilvers: Knight
Ronald Clayton: Cayphas
Anne Collinson: Good Soul
Emma Collinson: Child
Ian Cooke: Propmaker
Sybil Corkhill: Townsperson
Derek Coyne: Beelzebub/Philip
Gary Craig: Pilate
Kevin Curran: Child
Hugh Curristan: Balthasar, Butler
Susan Dean: Ham's Wife, Musician
Suzanne Denton: Balladeer, Shepherd
Charlie Dickinson: Assistant Director
Molly Dodson: Child
Lizzie Donovan-Anne: Martha
Tony Edwards: Blind Man
Karen Elliott: Angel
Chris Ellis: Lighting Designer
Roger Farrington: God
Mark Fordyce: Soldier, Knight, Musician
Ian Forrest: Director
Karen Gamble: Mother, Musician
Audrey George: Policewoman
Nyree George: Devil
Felicity Goldsbrough: Bad Soul
James Goodwin: Urchin, Musician
Kirsty Gray: Citizen of Jerusalem
Robson Green: Jesus
John M Hall: Balladeer, Herod
Elizabeth Hardy: Child, Musician
George Harrison: Old Shepherd, Joseph of Arimathea
Andrea Hayes: Devil, Musician
Amy Hey: Child
Brian Hey: Melchior, Lazarus
Lynda Hields: Child
Catherine Hill: Seraphim
June Holyoake: Townsperson
Ralph Ineson: Herod's Heavy, Willox (a workman)
Peter Ingram: Simon, Musician
Paul Jackson: Japhet, Priest, Belial
John Jansson: Composer and music director
Martin Johns: Designer
Emma Keenkeyside: Angel
Karl Kirby: Messenger, James, Musician
Joanne Knott: Citizen of Jerusalem, Devil
Sarah Lambert: Musician
Gray Lawson: Soldier, Malchus, Wymond (a workman)
Colin Lea: Bartholomew
Shu Ling Lim: Angel
Liz Lochhead: Script
Emily Lockwood: Child
Julia Lockwood: Child
Alastair Long: Isaac, Musician
Andy Love: Judas
Ian Lucas: Poor Man
Lorelei Lynn: Choreographer, Movement director
James Magrane: Gabriel, Knight
Amelia Mallows: Abel, Child
Lee Maloney: Ribald, Sergeant, Einstein (a workman)
Penny Marriott: Chaperone
David May: Policeman
Stella McCabe: Chaperone
Karen McMahon: Angel
Hilli McManus: Propmaker
Nicola McPhillips: Child
Jonathan Mellor: Lucifer-Satan, Musician
Anna-Lisa Metcalf: Child
Brenda Mitchell: Malicious Townsperson
Sue Morris: Percula
Shirley Morton: Mrs Noah
Ged Murray: Joseph, Boss (a workman)
Lauren O'Rooke-Walker: Child
David Owen: Shem, Marcellus
Christy Padmore: Balladeer
Barbara Parkin: Malicious Townsperson
Mike Petty: Propmaker
Malcolm Poole: Herod's Heavy, John
Ali Ravenhall: Chaperone
Loretta Reid: Child
Tommy Reid: Child
Janet Robson: Anna, Bad Soul
Bea Rodriguez: Lame Woman
Auriel Roe: Eve
Kalvin Ryder: Child
Sarah Salih: Messenger
Brenda Sanger: Malicious Townsperson
Robin Sanger: Abraham, Annas
Catherine Sellars: Mother
Julia Senior: Shrewish Woman
Bev Shaults: Propmaker
Sheila Shouksmith: Malicious Townsperson
Julie Simpson: Seraphim, Musician
Jill Sissons: Cherubyn
Christina Skaife: Mary Lazarus
Eileen Smith: Bad Soul
Loretta Smith: Mother, Angel
Luke Smith: Child, Musician
Stephen Snell: Propmaker
Sarah Sowerby: Bad Soul
Trevor Spencer: Simeon
Paul Spowart: Soldier, Thaddeus, Good Thief
Lorraine Stamp: Angel, Musician
Wendy Stubbs: Musician
Joanne Svenson: Citizen of Jerusalem
Hilda Sweeting: Good Soul
Kate Thomson: Mary
Imogen Tilden: Cherubyn, Musician
Susan Towle: Malicious Townsperson
Chris Trimbee: Citizen of Jerusalem
Paul Veysey: Deputy Stage Manager
Michelle Wardle: Andrew, Bad Thief, Musician
Alex Webb-Allen: Abel, Child
Felicity Willcock: Cain, Child
Stuart Woods: Adam1992 crucifixion

Stage Crew: Terry Bounds, Ian Cooke, Ben Hitchcock, Ian Muir, James Smith, Lee Stephenson
Wardrobe Department: Audrey George, Sandy Jarrett, Lena Mills, Monica Nelson, Muriel Picket, Janet Temperton, Sally Cooke, Susan Coope
LX Department: Stephen Stubbs, Angus Crockett, Mark Clarke, David Hardy, Alister Edwards, James Burrans, Sophie Cook
Stage Management: Claire Batchelor, Debbie Bone, Lizzie Bones, Mike Bowen, Catherine Boyne, Mick Borgan, Joanne Defty, Vicky Farrar, Dave Hanbury, Marie Hall, Tracy Dutton, Marion Muller, Helena Osborne, Jill Robertshaw, Tobias Meythaler

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