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Press Cuttings : Rachel Semlyen, press packs

Item type: Press Cuttings
Archive reference: YMP/F/11/31
Date/year: 1984
Description: As Press Officer for York Festival in 1984, local professional Rachel Semlyen had Press packs - sheets to give press (radio, television, newspapers) with information about the Mystery Plays.  There are several copies in the archive.  In 1984 an effort was made to introduce less élitist activities into the York Festival, as described in the three-part interview with Cllr Wood, Geoff Wragg and Delma Tomlin - see this page.  The Plays as part of York Festival were then sponsored by City of York Council.  That year they were performed outdoors in Museum Gardens with Simon Ward playing Christ.  Unfortunately the archive has very few photos of Simon Ward.

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