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Scrapbooks : 1969 Scrapbook

Item type: Scrapbooks
Archive reference: YMP/E/7
Date/year: 1969
Description: Scrapbook made and donated by Eileen Skaife from 1969, containing material from the Mystery Plays production of that year.  There was a wagon play production of the Exodus, produced by Reiner Sauer, in which all the cast were pupils of Archbishop Holgate's School (previously there had been staff too).
For a cast list look here.
The programme says that the script was based on Canon Purvis' text.
The scrapbook contains a 16 page York Evening Press Festival special - June 20 to July 13.  The Festival Director was Graham Beynon.  The newspaper has many adverts for York shops and descriptions of the many stars coming to York, such as Peter Maxwell Davies, Michael Tippett and John Barbirolli.
Mystery Play tickets were 25 shillings, 20 shillings (£1), 15 shillings, 12 shillings 6d, 7 shillings 6d.
By comparison in the Theatre Royal tickets ranged up to 42 shillings for the Marriage of Figaro and Ballet from the Netherlands Dance Theatre.  In the Minster tickets for the Berlioz Centenary and for the Hallé Orchestra were from 60 shillings to 10 shillings, or 50 shillings to 10 shillings for the London Symphony Orchestra.

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