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Scrapbooks : 1966 Scrapbook

Item type: Scrapbooks
Archive reference: YMP/E/6
Date/year: 1966
Description: Scrapbook made and donated by Eileen Skaife from 1966, containing material from the Mystery Plays production of that year. 'On road to fame - guided by a star' by a York Correspondant. Pictures Judi Dench advising Loretta Ward who was to play the Virgin Mary.Judi Dench with Loretta WardGod and Archangel Michael 
Here are another 3 photographs: 

God (John Westbrook) with Archangel Michael (Graham Corry).

Jesus with Mother Mary

Jesus meets his mother Mary on his way to Calvary.

A boy attendant to one of the three Kingsattendant to King

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