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Programmes/Posters : Chester Miracle Plays Programme 1957

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/3/2
Date/year: 1957
Description: Programme of Chester Miracle Plays as presented in the Chester Cathedral Rectory from Monday 15th July to Saturday 27 July 1957. Text adapted by Betty and Joseph McCulloch
Directed by Christopher Ede
Assisted By: W. I. D. Scott

Citizen: Graham Roberts
Deus: Noel Barnes
Lucifer: Victor Cosgrove
Angel: Howard Davies
Adam: Geoffrey Tetlow
Cain: Ronald Pickup
Abel: Howard Davies
Noah: Jack Campbell
Shem: John Lyon
Ham: Ronald Shelbourne
Japhet: Peter Johnson
Abraham: Maurice Kelly
Isaac: Colin Antwis
Joseph: Ivor Hughes
Tax Collector: Hector Hemmings
1st Shepherd: Matthew Boyer
2nd Shepherd: William Vincent
3rd Shepherd: Geoffrey Smith
A Boy: John Hughes
1st King: Henry Sager
2nd King: Gareth Owen
3rd King: Geoffrey Tetlow
Simeon: A Cestrian
Gabriel: Howard Davies
Eve: Joy Thompson
Noah's Wife: Bertha Shelbourne
Shem's Wife: Rita Saxon Howes
Ham's Wife: Mary Bootham
Japhet's Wife: Netta Hankinson
1st Gossip: Doris Greenleaves
2nd Gossip: Celia Kay
3rd Gossip: Margaret Antrobus
Mary: Wynn Sargeant
Elizabeth: Muriel Craine
1st Midwife: Joan Roberts
2nd Midwife: Kathleen Vincent
Anna: Grishelda Wasley
Citizens: Yvonne Grey, Pat Pollard, Jacqueline Minshull, Marjorie Wickham, Valery Christopher, Dorothy Stacey, Jean Roberts, Ethel Gleeve, Valerie Kenyon, Pat Chesters, Barbara Hughes

Jesus of Nazareth: Donald Hughes
Peter: Harold Elston
John: Ronald Pickup
James: Jack Campbell
Philip: Hector Hemmings
Thomas: Matthew Boyer
Judas: Edward Crewe
Annas: Norman Lofthouse
Caiaphas: Victor Cosgrove
Nicodemus: A Cestrian
Joseph: Graham Roberts
Pilate: Herbert Ballard
Householder: A Cestrian
Servant: Donald Campbell
Simon of Cyrene: Henry Sager
Centurion: Jack Campbell
1st Jew: Peter Johnson
2nd Jew: William Dandy
3rd Jew: Harold Millar
1st Soldier: Ivor Hughes
2nd Soldier: William Vincent
3rd Soldier: Geoffrey Tetlow
4th Soldier: Reginald Rawlinson
1st Thief: Matthew Boyer
2nd Thief: Hector Hemmings
Two Angels: Howard Davies, Kenneth Povey
The Devil: Victor Cosgrove
Mary, the Mother of Jesus: Dorothy Stacey
Mary Magdalene: Rowena Jones
Mary Cleophas: Margaret Carswell
Salome: Alix Joseph
1st Woman: Eileen Warrington
2nd Woman: Kathleen Vincent
Serving Girl: Rita Saxton Howes
Disciples and Citizens: Trevor Chesters, Reginald Rawlinson, Graham Roberts, Henry Sager, Geoffrey Tetlow, Geoffrey Dryland, Kenneth Povey, Gareth Owen, Frederick Sheppard, Hilary Ballard, Pat Chesters, Valery Christopher, Joan George, Barbara Hughes, Emmie Lunt, Bessie McLellan, Jacqueline Minshull, Pat Pollard, Pet Reid, Jean Roberts, Eileen Rowley

Back page partly obscured by glueing, so full directors list unavailable. Includes:

Music: The Elizabethan Singers directed by Wilfred Brocklehurst, performing music from the medieval period to the 16th century. Recorder music arranged by George Dodgson.

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