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The Nativity.

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Photographs : Three Kings visit Jesus at the Nativity

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/17/8
Date/year: 2000, 1960, 1951, 2019
The nativity scene, Millennium production: Three Kings (Peter Hulbert, George Harrison, Leslie Richardson) present their gifts to Jesus before the Virgin Mary (Frances Marshall) and Joseph (Ged Murray), watched by the shepherds (Lee Maloney, Mark Phelan, David Hudson).
A Nativity production in December 2019 in St Michael Spurriergate took place surrounded by the audience (see this page).  A king offers Mary a gift.
king offers gift

Another of the Kings is high up in St Michael's church.

Ben Turvill

Below for comparison is a scanned photograph from the 1951 production in Museum Gardens. Mary Ure is Mary and Leonard Pickering is Joseph.  A recently donated 'offstage' photo of the 1960 kings is also shown.1960 Kings
King kneels to Mary

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