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Publications : Jane Oakshott chapter about 1998 Mystery Plays in 1999 publication

Item type: Publications
Archive reference: YMP/K/1
Date/year: 1999
Description: A chapter, 'York Guilds' Mystery Plays 1998:  The Rebuilding of Dramatic Community' was contributed to a book by director Jane Oakshott. It was published in 1999 in Drama and Community: People and Plays in Medieval Europe, in the series 'Medieval Texts and Cultures of Northern Europe.' Edited by Alan Hindley (Professor, University of Hull) and published by Brepols in Turnhout.  A proof copy was given to the NCEM by the author, who considers the obstacles facing productions of mystery plays in York, with regard to the involvement of community (especially amateur players). Jane Oakshott shares her experiences of producing these plays in 1994 and 1998.

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