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Programmes/Posters : Programme 1994:The Citizens' Play

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/15/1
Date/year: 1994
Description: Programme for the 'Citizens' Play', selections from the York Cycle of Mystery Plays performed by the citizens of York in 1994.

The Temptation and Fall of Adam and Eve, presented by York College for Girls.
God: Tessa Norton
Adam: Helen Gripton
Eve: Alexia Richardson
Satan: Gemma Cairns
Cherubim: Gemma Hughes
Angels: Penny Brincklow, Jennie Chapman, Frances Garvey, Deborah Kerr, Dorothy Nicholson, Maria Thomas, Rebecca Bird, Ruth Easby, Angelina Henderson, Caroline Liddle, Rose O'Neill, Elizabeth Campbell, Sarah Easby, Anna Jackson, Stefanie Nesbitt, Helena Tallack
Set: Andrew Rogerson
Costumes: Sue Heath
Music: Margaret Garvey
Director: David J F Grouch

Noah's Ark, presented by David Wilde

Puppetteers: David Wilde and Roger Farrington
Compere: Mike Gagen
Stage Manager: Caroline Lord
Assisted by: Tessa Wilde, Hannah Hume, Nadege Wallace, Frances Fearn.

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