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Press Cuttings : Article York Star 1994 about 1969 plays

Item type: Press Cuttings
Archive reference: YMP/F/14/1
Date/year: 1994
Two loose pages of the article 'Back in the Summer of '69: Mystery Plays hit the streets in York Festival'.  They are from the York Star, Thursday 14 July, 1994, pages 1 and 6.  
1. (page 1, colour) Richard Coyle as God gestures to ?Noah with the headline 'Caught in a time warp'
2. Caption: 'Medieval Mystery: One of many actors bringing a touch of the Middle Ages to York.'
3. Caption: 'Boat Play: Performers in York city centre attract an audience. Mystery Plays in the Middle Ages put across Bible stories that ordinary people could understand, before the days of the printed word and TV.'
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