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Programmes/Posters : Programmes

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B
Date/year: 1951 onwards
The NCEM holds programmes of all of the Mystery Play Cycles performed in York since their revival in 1951.  So the archive can identify all actors and crew.  Programmes are filed in the archive under YMP/B,  then chronologically - so YMP/B/1 is 1951, YMP/B/2 is 1954 etc.  The records are held up to 2019. 
Where on the website can I find particular productions?  The navigation pages are listed below but are not yet live links.  Go to that page on the website and you'll find the attached page.
     216 Share Your memories with us!
 What are the Mystery Plays?
In the Beginning: Revival
      214 Article Staging the 1951 Play
Ancestral Voices
A Time of Change
      224 A Nativity for York
Wagon Plays
      201 Wagon plays August 2012
     211 2014 Wagon Plays
     212 Cast list of 2014 wagon plays
     213 Music at the 2014 Wagon Plays
      222 2018 Wagon plays
Music of the Plays
     208 Medieval Music
     210 2012 Musicians
     223 Music of 2018 wagon plays
     225 Music of the 2019 Plays
The Plays Move On
     196 2012 Plays in photos
      200 2012 Plays cast list
      209 Article Creating the 2012 stage in Museum Gardens
York Minster and the Future
       204 Minster Millennium Cast list
The People
       198 Key Roles and Actors
Minster Millennium Production
       207 Photographs Minster Millennium Production
2016 Production
       217 Cast List 2016 Minster production
       219 Creatives, 2016 Minster production
      220 Interviews 2016 Minster production
      221 Exhibition after 2016 Plays
Archive of Mystery Plays
       193 Search the NCEM Archive [with search gadget]
       199 Photos donated to the Archive
        205 Exhibition in 2012 York Explore about Mystery Plays
        216 Share Your memories with us!
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Professional actors who started their careers in the York Mystery Plays are known to include: Judi Dench,  Jane Snowdon, David Bradley, John White (stage name = Richard Conway), Edward Petherbridge, Mary Ure, Janet McTeer, Richard Coyle.  
The NCEM would like to extend this list.

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