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Programmes/Posters : Programmes

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B
Date/year: 1951 onwards
Description: The NCEM holds programmes of all of the Mystery Play Cycles performed in York since their revival in 1951.  So the archive can identify all actors and crew.  Programmes are filed in the archive under YMP/B,  then chronologically - so YMP/B/1 is 1951, YMP/B/2 is 1954 etc.  The records are held up to 2012, although those post 2002 are not currently (Spring 2013) searchable through the Archive page.

Professional actors who started their careers in the York Mystery Plays are known to include: Judi Dench,  Jane Snowdon, David Bradley, John White (stage name = Richard Conway), Edward Petherbridge, Mary Ure, Janet McTeer, Richard Coyle.  
The NCEM would like to extend this list.

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