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Programmes/Posters : 1960 Programme with Cast List

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/4/1
Date/year: 1960
Description: Programme from the York Cycle of Mystery Plays, part of the 1960 York Festival. Published by the York Festival Society Limited. Price: 1 shilling.  Tickets for the Mystery Plays in Museum Gardens cost from 20 shillings (£1), 15 shillings, 10 shillings to seven shillings and 6 pence.
Contents: Introduction by Canon Purvis; Argument of the Plays; Mystery Play Music (palimpsest); The Relics of St Mary's Abbey by G. W. O. Addleshaw.
Text: ed. Reverend Canon J. S. Purvis
Producer: David Giles
Designer: Kenneth Mellor
Music: Frederick Marshall
CAST (at the foot of this entry is an extract of a photo of a tablecloth with embroidered signatures)
God the Father: Robert Eddison
Archangel Michael: Andrew Kane
Archangel Gabriel: John White
Lucifer (Satan): Harold Lang
Belzabub: Michael Beckham
Belial: Francois Swart
Adam: Peter Brett
Eve: Bernice Stewart
Prophet: Clifford Parrish
Mary: Louise Liversidge Mary-cutting
Joseph: Reginald Dench
First Maiden: Carole Eden
Second Maiden: Fiona Watson
First Shepherd: Maurice Long
Second Shepherd: Cyril Edghill
Third Shepherd: Donald Nicholson
First King: Alec DeLittle
Second King: Valentine Gallagher
Third King: Matthew Elufowoju
John the Baptist: Stanley Davey
Jesus: Tom Criddle
Woman taken into Adultery: Audrey Cregeen
First Jew: Norman Macleod
Second Jew: Theo Bruce
First Doctor: Philip Clarke
Second Doctor: John Beckwith
Messenger: Alan Parker
Mary of Bethany: Dorothy Scott
Martha: Edna Shann
Lazarus: Francois Stewart
Porteress: Lilian Pickering
Blind man: Valentine Gallagher
Peter: Stewart Lack
James: Frank Higgins
Thomas: Michael Brennen
Andrew: Albert Pratt
Poor Woman: Mary Malden (the embroiderer)
Lame Man: George Cressey
Philip: Alfred Bristow
John: John Fowler
Thaddeus: Robert Bird
Simon Zealotes: John Faulkner
Judas: Eric Goodall
James bar Joseph: Thomas Young
Matthew: Anthony Stables
Bartholomew: Ronald Adams
1st Burgher: John Kay
2nd Burgher: Robert Mouncey
3rd Burgher: James Cockburn
Pilate: Stanley Radcliffe
Caiaphas: Cyril Livingstone
Percula: Ann Hall
Maid: Hilary Moyle
Annas: Robin Wilson
Malchus: John Phipp
Beadle: John Fisher
Son to Pilate: Marcus Cleaver
1st Knight: Cyril Edghill
2nd Knight: David Bradley
3rd Knight: Anthony Chapman
4th Knight: Jonathan Emmerson
Woman by the Fire: Margaret Waugh
Barabbas: Terence Pemberton
Mary Magdalene: Susan Lee
Simon of Cyrene: Arthur Naylor
Mary Cleopas: Theresa Green
Boy at the Cross: Howard Dunn
Centurion: H. Campbell-Baron
Joseph of Arimathaea: John Kay
Nichodemus: Alec DeLittle
Angel at the Tomb: Julia Wilkinson
Peasants, Citizens, Gentlefolk: Mr Bear: Trevor Bell, Mrs Bear: Helen Johnson (children in Noah's Ark);
Celia Atkinson, Edward Baines, Christine Bardy, Eileen Barker, Norma Barron, Gladys Benton, Maureen Blackburn, Hilary Boon, Hilda Bristow, Doris Clarke, Stanley Cooper, Edna Cressey, Janet Croker, John Cross, Janet Cummings, Olave Dench, Eileen Dobson, Freida Elvidge, Mary Flowerday, Edith Foster, Jean Fraser, Beryl Gledhill, Dorothy Hawley, Christoph Heu, Alice Holgate, June Holyoake, Wendy Horner, Fiona Howarth, Rose Jacklin, Betty Jarvis, Christinne Jefferson, Peter Johnson, Andrew Johnstone, Andrew Kaye, Lili Lewins, Maurice Long, Diana Mackintosh, Kathleen Martin, Lynda Millen, Eleanor Milner, Vincent Mitchell, Judith Moody, Christopher Moore, Christopher Morpeth, Richard Orange-Bromehead, Alan Parker, Irene Parsons, Marion Pearson, Barbara Pittard, Angela Quinn, Judith Rayner, Margaret Renshaw, Norman Rogers, Lesley Stuart, Abat Taddese, Ian Tomlinson, Jean Thompson, Shaun Tyler, Tony Waterson, Edith Watsham, Sybil Whitfield.
Soldiers: Peter Airey, John Best, Michael Brindle, Robert Gibson, Allan Manning, Alan Morpeth, Nigel Naish, Robert Seebohm, Robin Waterston.
Devils: John Cartwright, Charles Flannagan, William Houston, Christopher Lawson, Ian McLellan.
Mystery Play Music: A section of the Ambrosian Singers and W. Mason, J. Warnell, S. Wilson, R. Ellis (Trumpets) and T. Johnson (Drum); conducted by Frederick Marshall have been recorded by Recorded Sound Ltd., London.

Assistant to the Producer: Barbara Sykes
Stage Director: Myra Thomas
Stage Manager: Edward Scurr
Assistant Stage Managers: Christine Giles and John Harbottle
Lighting designed by: Peter Woodham
Wardrobe Mistresses: Olave Dench, Mary Robinson, Kathleen DeLittle
Property Mistress: Kathleen DeLittle
Front of House Manager: R. V. Roger
Deputy Front of House Manager: F. W. Lund
Cast Marshal: Kenneth Matthews

Wardrobe Group: Mesdames Benfield, Blenkin, Byetheway, Davey, Dawson, Driscoll, Lack, Lawn, Maynard, McClenaghan, McHugh, McLean, Oliver, Pickering, Pim, Robinson, Rymer, Sanders, Scruton, Smith, Tatton, Turner, Tye, Vaughan-Jones, Walker, Walton, Wheway; Mlles. Gallimore, Purvis.
Property Assistants: Marjorie Scurr, Eileen Andrewarthur, Margaret Buck, Ruth Dawson, Joan Fawcett, Madeline Grey, Kenneth Martin, Ena Mather.
Assistant Cast Marshals: Mimi Blackford, Malcolm Douglas, Anne Holyoake, Harold Milner, Patricia Mortimer, Perry Pawson, Beryl Wood.
Scenery built by Arthur Heppell and Mills Scaffolding Company Ltd.
Lighting Equipment installed by the Strand Electric and Engineering Company Ltd.
Stands build by Mills Scaffolding Company Ltd.
Sound Equipment by Cussins and Light, York.
1960 cloth central detail

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