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Education Materials : Educational Material

Item type: Education Materials
Archive reference: YMP/R
Date/year: Various, includes 2000, 2012, 2016
Description: The NCEM is a strong supporter of education in music for young people, and has a year-round programme - see this link. As regards the Mystery Plays, some specific material is held, mostly from the 2000 Minster Millennium production. There is a category YMP/R for educational material. In 2016 York Minster organised a thought-provoking exhibition using material from the summer's Mystery Play production there.Archangel Michael
Percula as an exampleExhibition posterRuby Barker as MaryThe actor shown here as Archangel Michael, Dinos Psychogios, also had a role as one of the assistant directors working with the many volunteers, called Mystery Makers.2016 programme

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