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Press Cuttings : 1980 Press Cuttings

Item type: Press Cuttings
Archive reference: YMP/F/10
Date/year: 1980
Description: All Press Cuttings are stored as YMP/F, then chronologically, so YMP/F/1 is about the 1951 productions, the 1980 production is YMP/F/10 - we hold six items.  Here is an item from a church magazine, an article by Christoper Timothy, who played Christ in 1980.  Magazine article 1980     
Here is a cutting with a picture of Jesus and Judas.   The cutting mentions the shepherds: live sheep were used for their scene.
1980 cutting

At the foot of the page is a photograph of a night-time performance of the Plays in 1980: the Last Judgement scene.  God is visible on high.  For a navigation around the website's pages, see page 216
Last Judgement

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