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Music : Scores of Mystery Play music

Item type: Music
Archive reference: YMP/I/1
Date/year: 1951 to 2016
Description: The NCEM has a modest collection of scores and recordings of Mystery Play music.  Music is the category YMP/I  Scores are YMP/I/1.  Recordings are YMP/I/2.  The most modern recording is the 2012 backing sounds for the Theatre Royal's production in Museum Gardens.
The NCEM now holds a copy of the 2016 score, of the performance produced in the Minster; it is YMP/I/1/7.  It lists the instruments involved as: clarinets, horns, trumpets, cello, percussion (bass drum, snare drum, tam-tam, glock, triangle, timpani, windchimes, rainstick, anvil, tambourine, wood block, thunder sheet, wind machine, xylophone, vibraphone, tubular bells, cymbals, whip, rattle) celesta and organ.  There were also a choir, a children's choir and the Minster choristers.

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