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Maps : Maps of York

Item type: Maps
Archive reference: YMP/P
Date/year: 1984 and 1988
Description: The NCEM does not collect maps, although the archive has a category YMP/P for maps.  Below is a map of York from the publication in 1984 by Eileen White about the Mystery Plays (YMP/K/4). The wagons pulled by Guild members started outside the gate of Holy Trinity priory in Micklegate and ended after a circuitous, day-long route, in Pavement, the other side of the river Ouse.     
Eileen White York Map
See the entry YMP/P/1 for John Speed's famous map of Yorkshire, which incorporates the first known street map of York (1610). It was one of a series of county maps by Speed. The next known street map of York is in the British library and has the names and streets in French: it is thought to date from about 1640.  Some publications have shown on Speed's map the route of the Mystery Play wagons in medieval times. 
Below is a map from the centre pages of the 1988 Festival programme booklet.  The colour illustrations are credited to Ken Meharg and the brochure design to Lyn Shields.
map 1988 programme

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