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Photographs : 2010 Plays Programme

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/21/6/14
Date/year: 11 and 18 July 2010
Description: In 2010 the Mystery Plays were performed on wagons, organised by the York Mystery Plays Board of the Historic Guilds of the City of York.  Its Chairman is Roger Lee and the Co-directors were Lesley Wilkinson and Paul Toy, the Producer was Ben Pugh.  The Guilds are: Company of Merchant Adventurers, Company of Merchant Taylors, Company of Butchers. Gild of Freemen (of York), Guild of Building, Company of Cordwainers and Guild of Scriveners.2010 programme front

Here is a scan of the front of the 2010 programme.  The photograph was taken by Mark Comer during the 2006 cycle of the Plays.  

Here is a small sample of images from 
the plays.
Adam and Eve 2010

Adam and Eve (Adam McSkimming and Rachel Johnson) are hiding from God in the Garden of Eden.

Sinead Campbell, Helen Hancock, Janny Magnus, Jessica Murray, Amy Williams, students of the University of York St John, perform the play of Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac.

Abraham and Isaac 2010

Gabriel 2010 reassures Joseph

This picture is cropped from a scene of Joseph's troubles about Mary, performed by Heslington Church.  Adam Tellwright as Gabriel is looking down on a sleeping Joseph and reassuring him that the child she will bear is the Son of God.

Here the Officers of the York Company of Merchant Adventurers are watching the play of the Last Judgement being performed on their behalf by the students of Pocklington School.  On the left are two devils who are tormenting the bad souls.  This is the final scene of the Plays.
The Last judgement

The Merchant Adventurers were founded in 1357 (as the Guild of the Blessed Mary) so is one of the groups which also sponsored the medieval-era Plays.

For the cast lists for the 2010 wagons, see this archive entry.

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