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Programmes/Posters : Public lectures programme 1951

Item type: Programmes/Posters
Archive reference: YMP/B/1/3
Date/year: 1951
Description: A programme detailing 'Three Courses of Public Lectures on the Arts' presented by the University of Leeds in association with the York Festival Society. 
The front cover reads: 'These courses of lectures are designed primarily to lead to further study, but are arranged in association with the York Festival Society and will serve as an introduction to some of the events which will take place in York during the first two weeks of June, 1951.' The three courses are 'Music in England 1851-1951' by J. R. Denny; 'The Visual Arts In England 1851-1951' by Maurice de Suamarez and 'The York Mystery Plays' by Canon J.S. Purvis (translator of the medieval text, Director of the Borthwick Institute, d. 1969) and J. W. Saunders.
This fitted with the 1951 Festival of Britain.  Note: the University of York was not then founded: the first students started in York in 1963.
The York Festival Society was formed to allow Arts Council money to be given to York - the Local Authority could not receive it directly. It organised much connected with the Mystery Plays. 
Stored as YMP/B/1/3. 

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