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Photographs : 1994 photos - wagons revived?

Item type: Photographs
Archive reference: YMP/A/14/4
Date/year: 1994
Description: In 1992 and 1996 the Mystery Plays were performed in the Theatre Royal.  In the intervening year- 1994 - the plays were revived on wagons (but see foot of page).  Here are photographs from that production. Christ enters Jerusalem

Christ enters Jerusalem - this photograph is in Newgate Market.  Mark Comer played Christ and St Luke's Players put on the scene.

Jerusalem citizen 1994

Here Christ is being addressed by citizens of Jerusalem, who include Jenny Skeels and Lesley Willkinson, Gillian Tyler, John Mills, Jean Hall, Elaine Titchener, Tony Skeels, Lynn Comer, Trevor Gant .

At the Resurrection
Here Pilate (hugh Curristan)  and Caiaphas (John de Frates) are chatting cheerfully although the photograph (scanned) has 'Resurrection' written on the back.

The final scene in this year's production can be seen here.

However, it would be wrong to forget that wagon plays were performed alongside the 'static' productions:                           The Flood 1954
Exodus 1957
Christ Before the Elders 1960
Abraham and Isaak 1963
The Flood 1966
The Pharoah 1969
Herod and the Kings 1973
Judgement Day 1976
The Noah Plays 1980
Harrowing of Hell 1984 
Herod and the Three Kings 1992
Creation and Noah's Ark 2012

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