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Slides : Patrick Olsen Slide Collection

Item type: Slides
Archive reference: YMP/H/3/1
Date/year: 1969
Description: Collection of 53 slides in a red/orange plastic box. Numbered by the owner, Patrick Olsen, 1969 Christ helped with Crosswho designed and built the set that year (1969). Many excellent quality pictures of the production, which was held in the Museum Gardens. Very useful for examining costumes, scenery, etc.
Contents include:
8. Christ carrying the Cross
21. Jesus and his disciples
25. Christ carrying the Cross
40. Christ sitting on the main steps, close-up
42. Christ is tempted by Lucifer
44. John the Baptist baptises Jesus
49. Christ crucified
50. Christ crucified
51. Christ crucified
52. Christ crucified
53. Christ crucified

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