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2022 - A Nativity for York

From 8 to 11 December 2022 in the Spurriergate centre the York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust performed a new Nativity Play, produced by Alan Heaven. Photographs taken by John Saunders.  Right - rehearsal photos.  Below, a link to a recording of the play (Youtube).
2022 Nativity rehearsalsCast list:
Mary:    Anastasia Crook
Joseph: Michael Maybridge
Anna :   Sally Maybridge
Gabriel:  Alice Melton
Symeon, Soldier:  Mark Comer
King 1:      Harold Mozley
King 2 :    Daniiel Zavalniuk
King 3:     Rachel Curnow
Shepherd:  Effie Warboys
Shepherd 3, Soldier:  James Tyler
Shepherd : 
Herod :    Nick Jones
Herod's Son:   Tristan Heaven
Chamberlain:  Wilma Edwards
Women, mothers:  Joan Sinahan, Sue Curnow, Julie Speedie
Director, designer:  Alan Heaven.
Music:  The Bertie Set, Diane Heaven, Petra Wade, Alan Heaven
Production Manager: Simon Tompsett, with David Denbigh, Tristan Heaven, Alina Longmore 
Publicity/Programme:  Stewart Hildred, Anna Briggs
Front of House manager: Gary Bateson.  Click below to see it on Youtube
Herod - Nick Jones Mary accepts Joseph
Herod Son Angel worships in stable