York Mystery Plays

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Millennium Production

Chairman: Very Rev. Dr Raymond Furnell, Dean of York
Chief Executive: Dr Delma Tomlin, MBE
Performed in York Minster for the first time ever: 22 June to 22 July 2000, the cast list here. For photographs see here.
Script: Mike Poulton
Director: Gregory Doran
Associate Director: David Hunt
Composer and Musical Director: Richard Shephard
Designer: Robert Jones
Sound: John A. Leonard, John Owens (Aura Sound Design)
Lighting Designer: Michael Gunning
Costume Supervisor: Howard Rayner
Wardrobe Mistress: Emma Renhard
Production Manager: Stephen Rebbeck
Event Manager: Ben Pugh
The Fall of the Rebel Angels, from the Barkers' Play
God: John M. Hall
Lucifer: Rory Mulvihill
Gabriel: Tom Davey
Michael: Ralph Mann
Devils: Austin Barnett, Frank Brogan

The Creation, from the Plasterers', the Cardmakers' and the Fullers' Plays 
and The Fall of Man and the Expulsion from Paradise, from the Coopers' and the Armourers' Plays
Adam: Carl Cockcroft
Eve: Esther Ruth Elliot

Noah and the Flood from the Shipwrights' and the Fishers' and Mariners' Plays
Noah: Arnold Durham
Mrs Noah: Ruth Ford
1st son: Dominic Gregory
2nd son: John Biggin
3rd son: Richard Oldham
1st daughter-in-law: Vickie Sampson
2nd daughter-in-law: Teba Diatta
3rd daughter-in-law: Rachel Johnson
Raven: Stephanie Bracegirdle/Dilly Mitchell
Dove: Catherine Sales

Abraham and Isaak, from the Parchment Makers' and Bookbinders' Play
Abraham: Alan Booty
Isaak: Alex Deadman/Edward O'Carroll

The Annunciation and Joseph's Trouble, from the Spicers' and Pewterers' and Founders' Plays
Mary the Virgin: Frances Marshall
Gabriel: Tom Davey
Joseph: Ged Murray

The Nativity, from the Tile Thatchers', the Chandlers', the Masons' and the Goldsmiths' Plays
1st Shepherd: Lee Maloney
2nd Shepherd: Mark Phelan
3rd Shepherd: David Hudson
1st King: Peter Hulbert
2nd King: George Harrison
3rd King: Leslie Richardson
Herod the Great: Tim Holman
Herod's Messenger: Ian Johnstone
Herod's Bishop: Richard Kemp

The Flight into Egypt and the Massacre of the Innocents, from the Marshalls' and the Girdlers' and Nailers' Plays
1st Knight: Andrew Storey
2nd Knight: Neil Matthews
1st Mother: Sarah Lowes
2nd Mother: Tamsin Shasha

The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, from the Hatmakers', the Masons' and the Labourers' Plays
Anna: Janet Robson
Simeon: John Roden (his album of photographs is in the Archive in the NCEM)

The Baptism of Christ, from the Barbers' Play
John the Baptist: Austin Barnett
Jesus: Ray Stevenson

The Temptation in the Wilderness, from the Locksmiths' Play
Jesus: Ray Stevenson
Satan: Rory Mulivhill

Christ's Ministry and the Entry into Jerusalem, from the Cappers' and the Skinners' PlaysBrochure 2000 marking Plays
Woman caught in adultery: Philippa Wordsworth
1st Officer: Neil Matthews
2nd Officer: Andrew Storey
3rd Officer: John-Paul Wordsworth
Lawyer: Hugh Curristan
Elder: Kit Bird
Messenger: Mary Ann Dearlove
Martha: Briony Garety
Mary, sister of Lazarus: Linda Terry
Lazarus: Kingsley Hoffman
Porter with donkey: Al Marshall
Peter: Ian Johnstone
Philip: Robert Cummings
1st Burgess: Elizabeth Hutchinson
2nd Burgess: Garry Fletcher
3rd Burgess: Mary Murray
4th Burgess: Shiela Shouksmith
Blind Man: Frank Brogan
Poor Man: Roy Hargrave
Lame Man: Ian Lucas
Zacchaeus: Mark Comer
The Passion, from the Cutlers', the Cordwainers', the Bowyers' and Fletchers', the Tapiters' and Couchers', the Cooks' and Waterleaders', the Lysterers', the Tilemakers' and Millers' and the Shermen's Plays. Comprises the Conspiracy to Take Jesus, the Garden of Gethsemane, Christ before Caiaphas, Christ before Pilate, and Judas Repents.
Pilate: Richard Vergette
Annas: Frank Higgins
Caiaphas: Samuel Valentine
1st Doctor of Law: Kit Bird
2nd Doctor of Law: John Roden
Judas: Andrew Storey
Pilate's Porter/1st Knight: Neil Matthews
Jesus: Ray Stevenson
Apostle John: Tim Dale
Apostle James: Dominic Gregory
2nd Knight: John-Paul Wordsworth
3rd Knight: Frank Brogan
4th Knight: Roy Hargrave
Malchus: Paul Toy
Caiaphas' Servant: Jeremy Muldowney
Woman Accuser: Sharon Scott
Dame Precious Percula: Victoria Rooke
Peter's Beadle: Richard Davis
Herod Antipas: Richard Kemp

The Crucifixion, from the Pinners' and Painters' and the Butchers' Plays, comprising the Trial, Calvary, Crucifixion and Death of Christ.
Mary Mother: Julie Craggs
Mary Magdalene: Sarah Jane Wolverson
Mary Cleopas: Rachael Livingston
1st Soldier: Barry Atkinson
2nd Soldier: Carl Cockcroft
3rd Soldier: Neil Matthews
4th Soldier: Val Gallagher
Thief on the left: John-Paul Wordsworth
Thief on the right: Ralph Mann
Joseph of Arimathea: Malcolm Smith
Nichodemus: Peter Major
Centurion: Brian OxberryAngel at tomb - waiting

The Resurrection, from the Carpenters' and the Winedrawers' Plays
Angel at the Tomb: Hyla Campbell

The Incredulity of Thomas, from the Scriveners' Play
Thomas: Phillip John Piggott
Jesus: Ray Stevenson

The Ascension, from the Tailors' Play

The Last Judgement, from the Mercers' Play Face of God, S Transept, West wall of Minster
God: John M Hall
Satan: Rory Mulvihill
Beelzebub: John Roden
A Good Soul: Harold Mozley
A Bad Soul: Kate Richardson

Other parts played by the Ensemble:
Roberta Best, Olga Bielby, Ian Bithell, Vicki Boddye, Val Burgess, Alison Chalcraft, Susan Fletcher, Margaret Green, Roy Green, Sally Harding, Celia Harris, Jenny Hartland, Cathy Hunt, Alan Lyons, Marija Maher, Barbara Miller, Brenda Mitchell, Shirley Morton, Beryl Nairn, Barbara Parkin, Sue Pearson, Joan Sinanan, Sue Skirrow, Alison Smith, Melanie Smith, Susan Towle, Alexandra Weston, Angela Widdows, Felicity Willcock, Moira Windas, Judith Wright
and by Red Youth Ensemble and Blue Youth Ensemble at alternate performances. Here is an archive entry with backstage photographs.
For an interview with Dr Richard Shephard about the music in 2000, click here.  He also was interviewed about the music of the 2016 Minster production.
For an interview with John M Hall about acting in the Plays, especially as God in 2000, click here.  To help you find a particular production, this page lists all the website pages.
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