York Mystery Plays

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Music in 2019

three musiciansIn December 2019 the York Mystery Plays Supporters Trust created a "new tradition" by producing the Nativity for York. For more photos and the cast list see this page. It was directed by Philip Parr, who also arranged the music, and produced by Simon Tompsett in the medieval church of St Michael in Spurriergate. Top - Lily Geering (trumpet), Nick Jones (flute) and Val Punt (handbells).All sing

Among the volunteers were photographers Nick Ansell and John Saunders. This photograph at rehearsal shows the cast singing Nunc Dimittis at the end.  Music was throught the production: the Angels were also Musicians.
Left: Tracey Rea (singing), Sonia di Lorenzo (flute.)


Below right, Lily Geering with trumpet backs Gabriel's announcement to the shepherds.Mary and Joseph have gifts

Below, Chris Pomfret (Joseph) and Raquel Harte (Mary) have received gifts; MusiciansNick Jones plays the flute behind them.  choir                                                                     The bottom two photos show Tracey Rea singing, joined by Val Punt singing, and playing handbells, Sonia di Lorenzo on flute and strings, and David Denbigh on violin.  See also this page.