York Mystery Plays

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Music in 2018

York Waits in Shambles

The 2018 wagon plays were accompanied by music of various kinds. The York Waits here perform in the Shambles market at a special production of five of the Plays.
Below are pipers on 9 September at the King's Manor.
bageshotte waits
In the streets, the choir of York Theatre Royal accompanied the play of the Builders - Creation of the World to the Fifth Day. college green
In front of St William's College, Satan tempts Jesus - and the Waits are behind.
Satan tempting
A flautist (left rear) accompanies Isaak, who is carrying the sticks for the sacrifice.Isaak carries sticks
John Holt Roberts was a singing monk introducing the Harrowing of Hell, here outside the King's Manor.guitar playing monk
The Last Judgement was accompanied by a small elegant group, the Bertie Set, and here the souls dance to their music.last judgement